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Saturday, August 27, 2011

The judges choices - winners of the Fridge Art Hunt :)

The 3 gorgeous designs that have been chosen by our 3 judges...Mr Monkey, my eldest monkey (aged 5)and the lovely Jen from Pikelet Workshop are...(in no particular order :) )

#17 by Zoe aged 10
#6 by Oscar at age 4
#16 by Katie age 8

Congratulations you clever little monkeys! You can choose to have your design turned into fabric to be appliqued onto your tee (as a square) or to have it turned into an applique :) I will be contacting you all after the weekend!

Congratulations to all the monkeys who entered you all receive 10% off any order placed or stock bought from Sept -Dec 2011 :) I can always turn your design into a custom design for $35 :)

Announcing the Peoples choice winner of the Fridge Art Hunt

Firstly thank you all for your beautiful creations...each and everyone was stunning and so creative! I simply couldnt choose! and would love to make any of  them into fabric or an applique! <3

So here we go :) the first winner we will announce is the Peoples choice...close to the end :) with a few neck and neck but at 12pm today the winner with 20 likes was Blue Bird by Hope! <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

THANKYOU!!! $35 voucher Giveaway

Just because I want to tell you all how much I love all your support  I am giving one lucky a liker a $35 credit to spend at Monkeys Over The Moon!!!!
Just comment under this post  until midnight WST on Saturday 27th! :) <3 will announce a randomly generated winner on Sunday 28th at 9am WST :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its time to celebrate!

Just over a week until we announce the 3 winners of the Fridge Art Hunt and the peoples choice...
have you seen our online gallery!
We decided to let people enter right up to the close date 27th August as I know what its like to have an early deadline on something...nothing worse to blunt my creativity! ;) 
So feel free to email us up until midday on the 27th with your monkeys masterpieces :)

Now...we will also to celebrate my monkeys 2nd birthday and 2000 likers on Facebook have an evening of fun and celebrations on the 27th! <3 Due to FB rules most of it will need to be run via here :) and Big Cartel but it will include in no particular order :)
  •  A custom spot for a special Cupcake tee (my daughter is getting one of these too!)

  •  a $1 giveaway...yup just $1 for a hand stitched, hand drawn unique and quality piece of wearable art!

  • a chance to get a $35 voucher for Monkeys Over The Moon to choose a custom from any of our design galleries (except for the Fire Engine ;) ) using any of Fabrics :) or you can leave it up to me!

  •   the release of a couple of new designs ready made on Facebook for purchase.

  •  a mini ballot for a chance to buy our size 0 Tee Pee design ($35) 
Unique and Funky TeePee
Ladies Emerald Green Tee (Australian Grown)

  • the release of one 'Spring Green' custom spot (emerald green tshirt (childrens plain sleeve or ladies fitted tee) you choose fabrics from our spring/summer  gallery and a design) 

  •  oh and the release of a new Funk Your Monkey Design! <3

woahhhhhhh! I better get cracking on my remaining customs so I can get on with preparations! <3
Cant wait to see you all to celebrate on the 27th! at 7.30pm WST :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

down time

Well you may or may not have realised but I have been having trying to have some down time this past month or so...that is I haven't been taking customs...okay well not many LOL

 Monkeys Over The Moon evolved from a desire to create funky designs for my monkeys and friends monkeys and it was a way for me to channel my creativity and give me something to do on the long evenings whilst away from my nearest and dearest <3

But...for a while there it began to take over real life, I found myself passing up invites to supper,making excuses not to pop round for a chat and filling the precious time I had with family... making beautiful things for other people whilst being stressed,anxious,and missing out on too many smiles, hugs and most of all family fun...

the balance wasn't there and competitiveness in the market, getting involved in others drama's and placing unrealistic expectations on myself were starting to tarnish my happy space and affect my creativity. Luckily I woke up and smelt the Lapsang Souchong (I dont really drink coffee ;)  )

So I have been Mummy and friend and Wife to my nearest and most cherished this past month or so...luckily my friends and family havent left me behind and havent judged me for my absence in their lives...or for my cloistered behaviour at times. Thank Heavens.

Whilst regaining control of all this I have not had a chance to create much other than the wonderful customs I had procrastinated about...oh and a lot of drawing and ideas ;) as I have also been full time monkey wrangling(for those that dont know I have 3 :) age 5, 3 and nearly 2) and just keeping my nose above water whilst Mr Monkey is away ( I have no family here to rely on) :)
Though now the art book is jam packed, the fabric shelves oozing designer,  vintage and rare delights and coveted goodies arriving from all corners of the Earth I am itching to actually create and make some new tshirts...slowly but surely I think will be my motto from now on...maybe my time is not right now when my monkeys and husband deserve and need my full attention...that what I can do right now is enough for now and then as they go to school and need me less I can then spend all my days creating and making :)
On the horizon however are my funky new labels...
We also have been very surprised this past week to have a Review on Shop Contemporary Handmade by Angela from Yes wonderful and well...I will let you read it :)

so for now custom orders at Monkeys Over The Moon are closed. YES really they are :) I will release small stockings from my Box of Delights as I can over the next few months and
 you can in the meantime still SHOP (see button next to this post :) ) and also order custom versions of our Funk Your Monkey  hand screen printed tees...the Robot, Redback, Fish, Gingerbread House and Bird in all colours of the rainbow :) just contact me via our CONTACT tab on Facebook or

On 27th August (littlest monkey's birthday) I will be celebrating with my monkeys (Mr Monkey is away) with a trip to the aquarium, cake and the announcement of the Fridge Art  Hunt Winners <3 Have you seen the wonderful gallery? at

 I will in the evening have a  little celebration with bubbles to toast my monkey and 2000 wonderful likers on Facebook :) There will be a couple of  our new designs up for ballot including my original TeePee design, a $10 Monkeys Over The Moon Voucher up for grabs a $1 giveaway and more! <3  I hope you can all join us :)
and I will try to remember that...