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Thursday, March 31, 2011

must sew but must show ;)

I cant blog as I must sew :) and need to stay off the computer...and actually more specifically Facebook :)

But just had to share these with you :) they arrived today and I am most excited...Matilda thinks with the oranges I should make a Tree and an echidna ...I am thinking fox or even a woodpecker ;) tho I also think that an orangutang could work ;) or a brown cord ellie with a orange spot ear on a tree background :) choices choices

 This fabric will be for a shabby Comma Butterly...cannot wait to do it ;)
I found this to do a just like Daddy tie shirt for my son :) I know others do them but...when I first did his I hadn't seen them other than ones with skulls on ;)

The panda material is a folly...I just loved it :) and will probably hoard it for a girl panda dress or who knows what :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

What to do what to do?

Today I have lots on my mind...had to do a big dash to Spotlight as ran out of 2 fabrics last night ;) whoops so not quite the night I had planned (monkeys also were very restless)...but it did give me a chance to be a bit creative and also to have a think...I am looking at offering custom spots on a bi monthly basis just a handful...but...was thinking I could have an open suggestion thread for designs, sizes, colours and then when I am doing stock or being creative it would be more likely I would make what you may like too ;) What do you all think?

I just cant keep up with 8 or so customs a month and I am rubbish at saying no too :) plus I am working on a few stockist orders and need to keep creating and pumping in the fun side....and am trying to figure out a balance that works...I get about 5 emails a week asking for custom spots and as much as I would love to say Yes...I am not an octopus (tho I am working on it)! :) I have had to turn away 2 wonderful opportunities this week as I have a backlog of orders and although I referred the enquirers to other lovely Perth Applique designers...I am kind of quite sad that I have to do that :) 

I find it hard to work to deadlines at the best of times, and my creative flow definately suffers, although I do try to remain focussed I find when I am constrained I am more likely to have naughty little creative outbursts ;) which is good for me but not so good for those waiting on orders :) I am currently working on 7 custom orders (from Feb/Mar) and a couple of business orders as well as still trying to complete some of the donated items for the flood and fire auctions. April already is pretty packed with a couple of longstanding custom orders from very patient customers and the Fridge Art work...

Anyway if you all think it is a good idea I will restart the suggestions topic with the idea that you either suggest a design we have and a size/colour tee or a design you would like to see...although no promises ;) I will keep this in mind when making stock :) I do have some stock available and hope to have some other stockists too (maybe even a bricks and mortar one :) ) Markets are a plan for 2012 but will never be a huge priority as I have a fairly hectic Monkey Madhouse :) 

Look forward to hearing what you all think! :) 

In the meantime I have an album of pre cut designs and I am happy to make 2 of these up in April (no fabric changes/design change) :) they wont be ready until the end of April...but if you would like one keep an eye out and I will shortly announce the album open to comment SOLD :) 

Also I highly recommend if you are wanting some funky and unique applique from a Perth designer you head to Little Red Child, Inuk, Wee Jennie Wren or NuNu Baby who all do lovely work and whom may be able to create something for you this month ;) All can be found on Facebook :) 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great Fridge Art Hunt winners! :)

and...the 2 winners (it was just too hard to pick one...even two was impossible) are

#2 by Aidan 

#19 by Chloe Rose

Congratulations! and thank you all sooooooo much for sharing your artwork with us...truly inspirational! 

Now we all know how gorgeous all this fridge art was and how all the little monkeys would love to have their design made into
how does this would you like the opportunity to have your childs design turned into fabric and made into a dress, owl or bag for ever immortalised ;) 

Where? Designer Mumma of course...she came up with an amazing idea when she saw our Fridge Art Hunt and I think it really rocks!

This will be launched very very soon and if you head to her Facebook page  and say hi! I am sure she can tell you more...

and of course you all will get a $5 MOTM voucher to be used against any MadeIt or Custom Order in 2011 :) I will forward these via Email this week ;) 

Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with your children's designs...and for the beauty and creativity that has adorned our page this last few weeks! 


And the people's choice for the Great Fridge Art Hunt is...
#4 by Ashlee Donaldson sent in by Melissa Donaldson

now the largest amount of votes went to Ashlee...whose beautiful drawing and poignant story captured our hearts...

however due to the wonderful detail which would be really tricky to translate into applique we have an extra special surprise for this lady and her daughter...which will be revealed tomorrow when we let you know who our choice of winner is :)

and wait...there is more :) 

due to this twist with the people's choice I will be picking 2 winners :) They are all so beautiful it is so hard to choose! 

but there will be another twist/surprise announced tomorrow keep your eyes peeled ;)  

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Days, Sunflowers and Monkeys :)

Today was not a good day...
well okay I know it could have been worse
 but for me and my monkeys it was just one of 'those' days in a run of a quite a few exacerbated by Daddy leaving for 2 weeks, mountains of laundry and numerous other little dramas and incidents...but by around 2.30pm things seemed brighter and more cheery playing with bubbles in the sun and when a lovely girlfriend pulled up on her way to school with these gorgeous sunflowers...I have to admit the sun shone much brighter in my soul...

A bunch of sunshine from a friend
My monkeys are my muses I love them more than words as most mothers do but the last few weeks and especially days have been um interesting to say the least with my middle monkey ;) He has just hit 3, he lost his Dummy to Santa at Xmas and decided day naps were thing of the past, lost his sister to school and despite my best efforts to entertain and amuse him, overnight turned into a little monster...(inspiring another tee ;) )

Don't get me wrong he is the most adorable, beautiful sweet natured boy  a lot of the time, but he then Jekyll and Hydes morphs into this crazed destructive, mischevious, temper tantrum throwing hurricane of a child that continuously raids the fridge and cupboard, pinches and karate chops his never suspecting sisters whilst yelling poo poo bottom at the top of his voice...I literally cannot leave him unattended for a second...he is what they call a handful ;)

yet when he looks at me and says I love you Mummy all is forgotten and of course forgiven...well until 2 seconds later when he is covered in peanut butter from head to toe smearing his sister with it saying Freya did it Mummy!

 I have to say tho at least he is consistent and is just as much a rotter when out and about...the other day at the bank whilst looking adorable a nice lady bent down to say my what a nice young which he blew a raspberry and said pop off stinky poo I waited for the ground to open up and swallow me up... she did say quite kindly to me its okay I had 2 sons and have 4 grandsons...and gave me a knowing smile and a wink... as she said welcome to the world of boys!

So I have for a couple of days thrown in the towel of sorts...these days will be spent trying to spend some positive time with my monkeys rather than asking them to play nicely whilst I sew or willing their naptime/bedtime so I can finish an order... we will be flying around the house in our imaginary planes, playing ring a ring a rosies and sitting in our yard slurping hot chocolates in 34 degree sun...
because without these monkeys...there would be no moon, no stars and certainly no t-shirts ;) 

Friday, March 4, 2011

NB. point in case...

Miss Tansy requests Mrs Monkey draws...distraction personified
scouring the internet this evening for photos of fish...I found some and sketched some fishy friends and a crustacean too :) not sure the Lionfish is convertable but think you will see the others in action at Monkeys Over The Moon in the next few months ;) 
Okay this week has been a wee bit distracting...hubby flew home, birthday gifts that just have to be played with ;) a sick monkey and the arrival of some bags of loveliness from Em&Femme, Gooseberry Bush Kidz and Matsy Designs...which is naughty I know :)

I had an email this week ...asking why I don't have any stock or custom order spots available to answer :)?

Well...firstly each of my designs is hand stitched and drawn from scratch so takes anything from 1 hour up to 3 hours so I can only really do one a day...add to that Mr Monkey works away, I have 3 monkeys under 5 and I have in naiveté....rather over committed and want to give each piece I have ordered already the time and attention it deserves :) I wont be doing any custom orders until at least April and probably wont have much stock until then either...BUT...I am constantly thinking of the next design, fabric combo and will keep sharing these with you on Facebook.
 And dear liker I hope that the desire for something a bit different and that has been made with a lot of love is enough to keep you interested and that  you will be able to grab a custom spot and see some stock soon you like and your monkey will be over the moon ;) 

Now that is we had some FUN despite my littlest monkey being very unwell as she slept Mr Monkey and I sewed ;)
Yes that's right...Mr Monkey too...he I think was intrigued by my new sewing machine...well it is a machine ;) and actually made a very basic drawstring bag...which I will applique for our daughters spare clothes for school...
lots of giggles and rude words were the language of the day ;)

As for me...I was hit by some fabrics and ideas and just had to share them with you :) about a Babushka (would be OOAK) in these fabrics?

And a girl cheeky monkey in these fabrics?
And oooo I dont know but I have to make something in this fabric very very soon...exactly what hasnt hit me yet :) any suggestions?

I also had some ideas for the boys...I got some skull and crossbone material in a bag of fabric this week and so I thought pirate...but then thought what would my son like...of course...a cheeky monkey pirate :)

A pirate ship too sprung to mind...

So although I couldn't get much sewing done today I have been playing & creating
and whoops what a mess but my favourite sort of mess to make ;)

If you have any amazing ideas for the orange and red funky fabric please feel free to comment ;) thinking I may offer up a custom spot using that fabric :) for April of course ;)