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Thursday, March 31, 2011

must sew but must show ;)

I cant blog as I must sew :) and need to stay off the computer...and actually more specifically Facebook :)

But just had to share these with you :) they arrived today and I am most excited...Matilda thinks with the oranges I should make a Tree and an echidna ...I am thinking fox or even a woodpecker ;) tho I also think that an orangutang could work ;) or a brown cord ellie with a orange spot ear on a tree background :) choices choices

 This fabric will be for a shabby Comma Butterly...cannot wait to do it ;)
I found this to do a just like Daddy tie shirt for my son :) I know others do them but...when I first did his I hadn't seen them other than ones with skulls on ;)

The panda material is a folly...I just loved it :) and will probably hoard it for a girl panda dress or who knows what :)


  1. All gorgeous fabrics Georgie - so beautiful!!! Cant wait to see that stunning butterfly made up - will keep an eye out :) I think a tie would be perfect in the brown stripe - you shouldnt have to worry about being completely unique and original, as customers we love the simple designs too!!

    The panda fabric sure is gorgeous - haven't seen anything like that before - Im sure you will turn it into something very special! :)
    And of course, loving the orange at the top - fox is the first thing that comes to mind - Swiper the fox skulking behind a tree? hahaha

    Good on you girl - now back to work!!! LOL xxxx

  2. Hiya !!
    I didn't know you did a blog !!
    So here I am....

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for all of your support in the short time I've been making stuff.