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Saturday, April 16, 2011

So here it is :)

Its been a hectic few weeks with customs to complete, monkeys to wrangle, a few oh dears but alot more oh yeahs! oh and a whole lot of love :)

now...the plain and simple truth...I can't keep up with customs...I KNOW...I have said it before (sorry to be a bore ;) ) but I simply cannot continue to say yes :)

so...henceforth customs unless already agreed will be available to be selected from designs I offer up for the month :) so my creative juices still flow :)
I will aim to stock our big cartel site as frequently as I can ;) and continue with the beautiful partnerships I am forming with some wonderful wonderful designers.

I think this way more people will get what they want (I hope) and I wont fail to meet expectations and may get some sleep in the week ;)

BUT for now :) How about a bit of feedback from you all :)
I want you to head over to our gallery of designs in our Facebook Photo albums   and praps take a peek at our fabrics :) Tell me what your favourites are, the sizes you need for your monkeys and of course colour :) thattaway I can also inbetween my creative bursts pop in a few sure things which will make you and I over the moon!

Comment below and on the 20th of April at 9pm WST I will randomly pick one of the lovely people  to have access to a custom spot for JULY 2011 (which will be listed in our Big Cartel site for $30) they can choose the design, fabric and colour long sleeved tee :) :

50% of this Custom Sale will go to the Faraway Tree'sThe Faraway Tree fundraising for her niece who has just been diagnosed with Leukaemia to help enable her family support and care for her.

How does that sound?

So for now I am off to draw, to create and to try and get some sleep ;)


  1. Dont let it ruin your creativity Georgie..your true likers will understand....customs are both a blessing and a bain....they are bread and butter but stealers of can one create new exciting things when stuck on customs of the same over and over.....Ps...Gorgeous pic of sleeping child xx

  2. Yes I agree about the customs ;) I love the amazing designs you come up with xx My favourite is definitely the Shabby Lemon Tree atm.