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Monday, June 27, 2011

Oie! It's a goose!

I love France, spent so many holidays there as a child and as an adult in Normandie, Bretagne, Paris, Les Alpes and Dordogne...
including our miel du lune (honeymoon) 5 days in Paris soaking up culture, wine, fondue and Bastille Day celebrations( a must do!)and then a drive down through beautiful countryside a stay in Bourges and a visit ot Orleans and then onto the Midi Pyrenees...stunning! with a trip down to the Tarn via the Gorge...and back up to the Dordogne, Rocamadour, french cottages and geese/ducks!
To Gemont...a little hamlet in Creuse nestled amongst forests/woods
 and gorgeous countryside where we met my parents at their Shepherds Cottage and
drank more wine and ate more cheese...visited beautiful towns, villages,and came face to face with Oie on numerous occasions ;)

So some of my Winter & Spring range reflect these beautiful memories, translating them into applique has been a joy, especially as I have been fortunate enough to have some pretty wondrous vintage fabrics here at Monkeys :) (I have to admit I made the Goose in a 5 just incase it is only me that loves perhaps my daughter will get it ;))
PS Oie means Goose in French ;) so this is just for me a play on words ;) (it's okay my sense of humour is strange I know!)


Sharing is something I learnt to do from a very young age, eldest of 4, one of about 20 close cousins it was a must do...I also talked and read drew and wrote at a very young age too...oh and pretty early was discovered I had a photographic memory and pretty decent IQ...
I still love to share ;) I talk the hind leg off a donkey given 1/2 a chance (alone 80% of time means this is crazy for friends when they see me ;) ) I read and read and read (though more electronically now than paper) and I draw,write or type 24/7...What is slowly fading is my photographic memory...tho it still gets us out of key lost drama's and I have Perth mapped better than my hubby who has lived here all his life, I never forget a face or a name and I quite often try to forget but cant...the only thing that prevents this is wine and even then it usually pops back into my mind ;) My IQ well apparently it never drops, but I think your ability to use it and your verbal and other reasonings do fade with underuse...for me it is often a plague...and as my father used to tell still dont have common sense Georgie! ;) and he was right...

Common sense tells me I need to learn to share carefully, to mind who and what I talk about, to think more before I speak  and write and to not let my photographic memory or my IQ burden my daily thoughts...and to realise that haha not everyone is interested in the ins and outs of foreign policy of the major world war II nations just because it is still fresh in my mind 20 years on...

But what does make sense to me is loving what you do, being whoever you can you and caring and sharing enough to give a bit of is my first Sharing blog...

I love applique...I never thought I would ever sew...I hated it at school and was not really too fond of a sewing machine...I am not now...but what I do remember loving was cross stitch (my Granny did this), beautiful fabrics and colours (my other Granny used liberty and other designs to make dresses) and being able to translate what I saw and had in my mind into art...(thanks Mum & Dad!)...since being on FB I have been lucky enough to have other designers help me with supplier tips, sewing advice, even the best way to thread a needle advice (dont laugh) and so here is a little applique tip for anyone starting out...
Applique essential :

Go to craft cubby and get yourself some Applifix, some gold applique needles (especially if doing layered work) and an Applique Mat (protects applique from dirty iron) I would suggest a large roll of applifix as the sheets seem to run out quite quickly though good for if you are just trying out :)

 It also took me a few trials to get it to work perfectly...I think it depends on the iron, the pressure you apply, fabrics using etc...but you will work it out :)

 Vliesofix is also great from Spotlight especially for the finer fabrics ie Lawn Cotton, synthetics and silk ;)

and most importantly have fun!

PS if none of this works for you...keep trying other brands...most appliquers I speak to all have different methods/product favourites and what works for some doesnt for others ;)

Please note whereas I have photographic memory my Short Term Memory is shot...from lack of sleep, 3 babies and probably the early onset of Alzheimers :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Handmade Diva is on Leave (tongue firmly in cheek! ;) )

Well we are on some 'leave'...when I say that I am still 24/7 monkey wrangling at the madhouse, still popping into my page to say hello if someone says hello to us and of course updating my albums, blog and store...but I am taking a back seat from all the rest that being a business on FB entails just for a while ;)

I love custom orders they make up alot of my work but so that I dont over extend myself, drop quality or standards and not exceed your expectations I am having a bit of a rest from taking them this month ;)

So...the plan is to get some customs completed (very patient customers!) and to finish the pre orders from our first market night, prepare for Made on The Left  and for our Christmas and Summer ranges...

In sewjo has never been at higher peak...the thing is faced with adversity and roadblocks I always rise to the challenge...and with my creativity this is usually quite exciting for me...and I hope will be for you too...
Shoe Train
Our Christmas Fridge Art Hunt is going really well with quite a few entries...though of course I would love to see more ;) truly your children's designs are inspirational to me and others and I have so much fun TRANSLATING them into keepsakes for you :)
Chloe Rose a real monkey in her own design translated into Applique in our first Fridge Art Hunt
The Hand Peacock by Monkeys Over The Moon

 My work is inspired by so many different things in fact too many things sometimes...but its always lovely to hear and see what you think will work...I was stunned and honoured when a gorgeous fellow designer approached me in March after seeing my 2 peacock sketches made from my hands (a project we did at a playgroup :) ) and that she thought it would look really funky using her fabrics...and you know what she was right and it does :) Though my daughter is helping me with orders for the littler monkeys ;)

I am so excited about my Christmas drawings...I have shared them with some other handmade designers and friends and I cannot wait to show them to you all :) Inspired by my daughters drawings, European Christmas's, the aromas and traditions I grew up with and of course some really gorgeous fabrics :)

Pretty In Pink Custom Neck and Lace
Monkeys Over The Moon and Designer Mumma have some gorgeous collaborations coming up including our  original 'Neck and Lace Flutterbye Sleeves' and some floral and nautical designs inspired by style and European trends as well as beautiful imagery :)

A nautical vintage bird read to be caged ;) 
The 'Funk Your Monkey' designs are going really well...with Funkydory . The birdcage and Redback our bestsellers so far but I cannot wait to share our little house and Cherry Tree Designs with you very very soon! a sneak peek...
In progress - Cherry Tree designed by Funky Dory blossom in progress will be appliqued by me

Word spoken in anger and some more constructive criticism I have received has made me really think about where I want to take Monkeys Over The domination ;) of course! haha but seriously...I want nothing more than the art and creativity in my pieces to be loved and enjoyed the time and quality of the fabric/workmanship to be appreciated and the value of each piece is measured for me by the comments I receive and the smiles on the faces of the children and adults who wear them.

So I wont be slashing prices to make these designs the less than or the same price as the high street factory printed/designed tshirts but I will be adding value to each piece by hand stitching, using unique fabrics and embellishments, using my inspirations and creativity to produce my own original designs. I will have a loyalty scheme for repeat customers and for those who have a lifetime spend higher than $150 and I will pass on anything I can with regards to ideas, tutorials and inspiration as I can.

Its a Cracking Egg! Available Soon at $25
Fabric Illustration Block handstitched onto a plain navy tee $20
I will continue to do our Simply Monkey range especially for summer...the simpler less detailed designs (hearts, whales, sillouhettes for instance)or the designs on  less expensive tshirts/singlets where I can pass simply the love and design across to you at an honest and fair value.

NOW...most exciting news...the Handmade Hunt at Shop Contemoporary Handmade is now on! We are contributing to the Little Mr Pack a must do and see fun fun fun activity with some beautiful handcrafted designs!

If whilst I am not FB'ing daily or selling my products directly on Facebook you have any queries or questions please dont hesitate to contact me Georgie at

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Monkeys Do Christmas 2011

Just a wee update on our Fridge Art Hunt :)

We have already had some gorgeous designs sent in...and looking forward to seeing more of what your little monkeys see as being funky for a Christmas Tee or as Christmas Fabric <3
All entries need to be with me at by 9am on 25th July...when we will then open a design gallery for people to see and like the work of the creative monkeys! <3
More details and all the nuts and bolts here :)

<3 I cant wait to have the opportunity to interpret their designs into Tees or Fabric for our Christmas Range...we have gingerbread houses, men and lots more to share :) all original drawings and designs <3 a little bit of magic by Monkeys Over The Moon for your monkeys this Christmas :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Australian Grown

Australian Grown
My son Holden was born on the 14th February 2008 at 14.02.08 at 14.02 in Western Australia so he has always been pretty special :)
He is my little Aussie...and his best thing at the mo is Redback on the Toilet Seat he asked me to make him a tshirt with this design on it...
These are now available on Short Sleeve Black Australian Grown 100% Cotton Shirts sizes 2,4,6,8,10,12 at

DRUM ROLL... the winner is!

And the WINNER of the GORGEOUS Robot designed by Jacq from FUNKYDORY for 'Funk Your Monkey' at Monkeys Over The Moon is...


the answer was Holden age 3 who designed the redback on the toilet seat from the 'Funk Your Monkey' range

Congratulations Louise I will stitch his silver spark from his antennae and send out next week...

And thank you to those who came and had a bit of fun...I will be taking pre orders for these designs at Market Night June 10th 2011 on Facebook :) feel free to share with your friends and family ;)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

STOP THE PRESS! Monkeys Over The Moon new logo and sssssssh! its a bit of a giveaway!

and theres more...seriously the last few weeks have been a hive of activity behind the scenes with monkey wrangling at an all time high! (ps me pulling out hair and remainder being grey!) and trying to get a special consignment completed and finish some I am thrilled to be able to show something I have been working on with the gorgeous Bianca from Paper Crane Designs...
Our new logo <3 it encapsulates the handmade and the monkeys and the warmth and I think is really funky, unique and chic! ;)
Monkeys Over The Moon 
I am so excited I have decided that would be lovely to 'giveaway' ssssssh! dont tell Facebook ;) our first Robot Funk your Monkey design by and MonkeysOverTheMoon
Its on a size 2 Target tshirt and I will add a bit of silver thread to his antennae to spruce him up and make him look even more electric! Its actually quite a unisex design if you have a funky little girl monkey and I can always applique a hot pink heart balloon from its hand if you like ;)

All you have to do is: refer friends to our Blog not our Page our Blog ;) by sharing this post and the last one (FUNKY ART AND HANDCRAFTED...)
then you and they head to this post and tell us in the comments below who designed the Redback on the Toilet Seat and their age;)
 ps it wasnt me and all the details are included in the funky art post!

I will then at 7pm on Friday 3rd WST announce a random winner :) as picked by the designer from a pilot hat ;) go on have a bit of fun and help spread the Monkeys Over The Moon love <3

Funky Art, Hand Crafted work and a little bit of a thankyou!

Well tonight has not gone quite to plan...but has made me even more determined :) and made me realise that the most important things in life are actually free and that some people are in your life for a reason and whose love and care is unconditional <3 
Tonight I planned to do a little spotlight on my friend Jacq from without whom my new hand screenprinted range of original artwork designs on tees would just be another mad Monkey idea...

After this evenings adventure in Monkeyland I want to not only do that but also sing and dance about just how wonderful she is...her and another lovely friend Mel from got me through a very interesting stranding with 3 monkeys, with such kindness and love and tolerance of a very hyper middle monkey that words cannot express how thrilled I am to have them in my life...2 beautiful selfless ladies who dropped everything to help me... 

So...what is... 
quite simply...
a range of hand screen printed (no sweatshops, not mass produced, and maybe not perfect ;)) original and funky designs on tshirts that will funk your monkey!

About the Artist and her work...
 Jacq is a local artist who has taken my drawings and some of her own and transformed them into screen prints for those of you who are thinking oh its just a screen print...take a peek at these photos to see the love and care that goes into each one...each screen can hold one design (and as anyone knows this is not um...a cheap investment ;) ) and Jacq lovingly turns an original drawing into a screen

beautiful artwork by Jacq transferred on to a screen
Drawing her Designs
The drawing and finished silk screen

Transferring redback on a toilet seat on to silk screen

the attention detail when creating and masking is full of love

 and then with great attention 'screen prints' them using paints onto the tees...I bake them (yes they get baked in an oven!) and then add a little bit of Monkey Magic with applique or in the case of 'Swish  Fish' we left unappliqued as my design seemed to work best like that ;) 

SO want to see some of the completed/in progress designs?

Redback on the Toilet Seat by Holden McInerney aged 3  (translated by Me and Jacq ;) ) - the design will be a mix of applique and screen print and can even have a little Teddy (as requested by Holden for his) appliqued perching on the toilet ;) 

Robot by Jacq  - will have a bit of stitching between the antennae and still thinking about whether to applique

and of course 'Swish Fish' available in childrens, womens and mens sizes on a variety of Australian Grown 100% cotton and cotton/spandex tees

And BirdCage will be available soon...a range of appliqued birds will be available...

In the pipeline are Road Kill ;) by  G  which will be an applique and print design as will a beautiful Tree and Cuckoo Clock Design by Jacq

As you can see its a huge amount of love that is going into each of these tees, and nope they arent 'perfect' but also there arent 5 million of them being worn and they truly are a bit of wearable funky art that will make your Monkey Over The Moon

Prices start from $30 and will be available to preorder as a custom and in stock via ETSY
and at our virtual SHOP. All items are prepaid via PayPal or by Direct Deposit only as a prepaid arrangement via

<3 Georgie...Chief Monkey at Monkeys Over The Moon