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Monday, June 27, 2011


Sharing is something I learnt to do from a very young age, eldest of 4, one of about 20 close cousins it was a must do...I also talked and read drew and wrote at a very young age too...oh and pretty early was discovered I had a photographic memory and pretty decent IQ...
I still love to share ;) I talk the hind leg off a donkey given 1/2 a chance (alone 80% of time means this is crazy for friends when they see me ;) ) I read and read and read (though more electronically now than paper) and I draw,write or type 24/7...What is slowly fading is my photographic memory...tho it still gets us out of key lost drama's and I have Perth mapped better than my hubby who has lived here all his life, I never forget a face or a name and I quite often try to forget but cant...the only thing that prevents this is wine and even then it usually pops back into my mind ;) My IQ well apparently it never drops, but I think your ability to use it and your verbal and other reasonings do fade with underuse...for me it is often a plague...and as my father used to tell still dont have common sense Georgie! ;) and he was right...

Common sense tells me I need to learn to share carefully, to mind who and what I talk about, to think more before I speak  and write and to not let my photographic memory or my IQ burden my daily thoughts...and to realise that haha not everyone is interested in the ins and outs of foreign policy of the major world war II nations just because it is still fresh in my mind 20 years on...

But what does make sense to me is loving what you do, being whoever you can you and caring and sharing enough to give a bit of is my first Sharing blog...

I love applique...I never thought I would ever sew...I hated it at school and was not really too fond of a sewing machine...I am not now...but what I do remember loving was cross stitch (my Granny did this), beautiful fabrics and colours (my other Granny used liberty and other designs to make dresses) and being able to translate what I saw and had in my mind into art...(thanks Mum & Dad!)...since being on FB I have been lucky enough to have other designers help me with supplier tips, sewing advice, even the best way to thread a needle advice (dont laugh) and so here is a little applique tip for anyone starting out...
Applique essential :

Go to craft cubby and get yourself some Applifix, some gold applique needles (especially if doing layered work) and an Applique Mat (protects applique from dirty iron) I would suggest a large roll of applifix as the sheets seem to run out quite quickly though good for if you are just trying out :)

 It also took me a few trials to get it to work perfectly...I think it depends on the iron, the pressure you apply, fabrics using etc...but you will work it out :)

 Vliesofix is also great from Spotlight especially for the finer fabrics ie Lawn Cotton, synthetics and silk ;)

and most importantly have fun!

PS if none of this works for you...keep trying other brands...most appliquers I speak to all have different methods/product favourites and what works for some doesnt for others ;)

Please note whereas I have photographic memory my Short Term Memory is shot...from lack of sleep, 3 babies and probably the early onset of Alzheimers :)

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  1. Please keep sharing and keep talking, the world would be boring without the word of G xx