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Thursday, June 2, 2011

STOP THE PRESS! Monkeys Over The Moon new logo and sssssssh! its a bit of a giveaway!

and theres more...seriously the last few weeks have been a hive of activity behind the scenes with monkey wrangling at an all time high! (ps me pulling out hair and remainder being grey!) and trying to get a special consignment completed and finish some I am thrilled to be able to show something I have been working on with the gorgeous Bianca from Paper Crane Designs...
Our new logo <3 it encapsulates the handmade and the monkeys and the warmth and I think is really funky, unique and chic! ;)
Monkeys Over The Moon 
I am so excited I have decided that would be lovely to 'giveaway' ssssssh! dont tell Facebook ;) our first Robot Funk your Monkey design by and MonkeysOverTheMoon
Its on a size 2 Target tshirt and I will add a bit of silver thread to his antennae to spruce him up and make him look even more electric! Its actually quite a unisex design if you have a funky little girl monkey and I can always applique a hot pink heart balloon from its hand if you like ;)

All you have to do is: refer friends to our Blog not our Page our Blog ;) by sharing this post and the last one (FUNKY ART AND HANDCRAFTED...)
then you and they head to this post and tell us in the comments below who designed the Redback on the Toilet Seat and their age;)
 ps it wasnt me and all the details are included in the funky art post!

I will then at 7pm on Friday 3rd WST announce a random winner :) as picked by the designer from a pilot hat ;) go on have a bit of fun and help spread the Monkeys Over The Moon love <3


  1. Holden, the passionate middle monkey came up with the brilliance that is a spider, a loo and a Teddy. He is 3 and loves all things that stinky 3 year old boys do ;)

  2. The new Logo is GORGEOUS! I don't think it could be anymore perfect!! x

  3. I love the new logo!

    I do believe it was the inspiration of one Holden monkey, who is currently 3!

    I am so happy you have such a successful and thriving business my lovely friend. xxx

  4. Master monkey Holden aged 3 designed the red back and the loo design :) he has a great imagination and I think the design is very funky ;)

  5. Love the colours and style of your new design!
    The Robot would look fit perfectly on my cheeky 3 yr old... The same age I believe as Holden... your designer!!

  6. Oooooh your new logo is gorgeous Georgie!

  7. Love your work Holden the genius 3 year old!! Designer of the redback and the toilet and this gorgeous robot!!