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Monday, June 27, 2011

Oie! It's a goose!

I love France, spent so many holidays there as a child and as an adult in Normandie, Bretagne, Paris, Les Alpes and Dordogne...
including our miel du lune (honeymoon) 5 days in Paris soaking up culture, wine, fondue and Bastille Day celebrations( a must do!)and then a drive down through beautiful countryside a stay in Bourges and a visit ot Orleans and then onto the Midi Pyrenees...stunning! with a trip down to the Tarn via the Gorge...and back up to the Dordogne, Rocamadour, french cottages and geese/ducks!
To Gemont...a little hamlet in Creuse nestled amongst forests/woods
 and gorgeous countryside where we met my parents at their Shepherds Cottage and
drank more wine and ate more cheese...visited beautiful towns, villages,and came face to face with Oie on numerous occasions ;)

So some of my Winter & Spring range reflect these beautiful memories, translating them into applique has been a joy, especially as I have been fortunate enough to have some pretty wondrous vintage fabrics here at Monkeys :) (I have to admit I made the Goose in a 5 just incase it is only me that loves perhaps my daughter will get it ;))
PS Oie means Goose in French ;) so this is just for me a play on words ;) (it's okay my sense of humour is strange I know!)

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