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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Make Some Monkeys Over The Moon in 2012" Auction for Barnados 29/01/2012

 For some children...Christmas and in fact every day is not a celebration...they cannot smile with that sweet innocence of youth and do not have what so many children take for granted...for these monkeys to be over the and support and more is needed to enable them to have a family that will nurture them and give them the happiness they deserve.

With this in mind and knowing how much love and support my customers and the handmade community give to those in need I have decided to celebrate 2500 likers with a little something that I hope will make  some very special 'Monkeys Over The Moon'

On 29th January we will  run a little mini auction  " Make Some Monkeys Over The Moon in 2012"  Auction where all proceeds raised will go to Barnardo's Australia...

Monkeys Over The Moon will make a selection of very special handmade collaborative designs that will be available for people to bid upon to raise funds for this very worthy cause.
This auction has been approved and authorised by Barnado's Australia to raise funds for their work.

Barnardos is a non-government, non-denominational
welfare organisation that has been helping children in
need for over 120 years.
Barnardos has strong federal and state government
support, however it is also dependent on community
assistance. This allows us to remain an independent
voice and advocate for severely disadvantaged children in
We are one of the largest children’s charities in Australia,
catering to children at risk of abuse and neglect. The
work of Barnardos Australia deals particularly with the
prevention of abuse and entry into care. Children of all
backgrounds and cultural heritage are helped through our
welfare programs.
Through these programs, Barnardos directly assists over8,000 children, young people and their families annually and indirectly assists thousands more." extract courtesy of Barnados website

More info will be available soon but a huge thank you to Georgie Girl,Em&Femme DesignsOopsidaisi Designer Mumma, Perfectly Piper and Indigo Magenta for agreeing to help me create some Handmade goodness to raise monies for Barnados!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Monkeys Day out to Market Girl in Perth

Well today I braved the markets here in Perth...with the 3 monkeys...MAD?...quite possibly but actually except for a little 5 minute post cupcake madness they were as good as gold :)

 Actually I must admit that Mr 3 was out cold for most of our market adventure...2 hours of beach play whilst his sister surf life saved was the perfect thing to do before! ;)

Market Girl was fun...really lovely fun...not so busy it was hard with a dual pram and not so quiet that the stallholders looked bored...a great selection of clothing, toys, art and more...the only thing I would have liked to see more of was artisan food and drink from local producers (thats the English country girl in me :)

The girls loved the free craft activities and the little stores of items that every little girl would dream of...and when he awoke my son was most thrilled with the cinnamon swirls and toy animals he could ride :)

I always think Markets are interesting especially in the Online Marketplace/Facebook times...where there is here in Australia a plethora of handmade designers, artists and more... all vying for online likers and sales and where a good photo can sell an average item and an average photo can leave an exceptional design on the shelf so to speak :) Markets enable me as a customer to see truly the delight of a piece, the cleverness of it, how it feels, the quality and the love and care of the person who has made it or the love a person has for the product they are a open my eyes to how wonderful the community is but also give me confidence that I too could do this.

I am writing this post to share some of my most favourite experiences of the day from Market Girl and some true delights not just the designs but also the people I met...the stand outs...with 3 monkeys as you can imagine I didnt get to all the stalls ;) but those mentioned are the ones that really for me made mine and the monkeys day!

Diddums Designs gorgeous Nautical style dungaree dress
Diddums Designs...I first met Victoria in a lift...funny but true...back in July when I nervously trundled my designs and set up to the Made On the Left markets in William St...unfortunately as I manned the stall alone I didnt get to really look at her designs there...but her kind manner and the quality of what I did see...made her stall one I was very excited to get to see today...and WOW! I think...point in case made here about exceptional work and design and creativity sometimes not always grabbing you from the screen...seriously this lady has style and her designs are unique, exquisite ,creative,stunning, stylish, witty...I literally was head over heels in love...I cannot wait to shop Diddums online and hopefully at more markets soon!

Lalaland an eclectic selection of stunning dresses and more, in such vibrant colours and beautiful fabrics and then the zip purses and other accessories were simply gorgeous! My Miss 5 has already asked if Father Christmas knows where to get the simply best cupcake purse ;)  She can be found locally at Fremantle Markets on the I think Santa's little helper will have to have a monkey free visit in a couple of weeks...or I will have one dissappointed girl!

selection of Emma's wares from her Facebook page
My Little Hands a beautiful selection of handmade bedding, sleepwear and clothing, Emma was so friendly and her little apple skirts well...simply scrumptious!
Milly and Mummy's Stall at Market Girl

Milly and Mummy are relatively new to the scene...and Bec admitted she had been very nervous before going to market...I honestly cannot see why as her designs, the vibrancy, and the use of fabrics was delightful... she showed me a beautiful cushion she had made for her daughter...all I can say is watch Becs store closely online and keep an eye out for her at markets as her work is definately a must have :)

We are lucky enough to be friends personally with the wonderful artist behind Funkydory- another british bird ;) ...her robot and bird clocks are individually made by hand with exquisite and funky details...something very special for any little boy or girl or infact anyone! My Miss 5 literally squealed with delight when she heard we were going to see Jacq at the market...and told me that she knew exactly that she wanted a clock and she knew she couldnt have one today but could she pick one out and let Jacq know how beautiful it was :) even before we got into the market...she had clambered down the steps and ran across to Funkydory's stall to do just that!

Funky Dory Cuckoo Clock with wings
Amanda from Designer Mumma at Market Girl
Designer Mumma is also a personal friend, but bias aside her dresses and sets were stand out...different, funky and definately more than just a pretty piece of clothing for a girl or a cool set for a boy...I was lucky enough to hear customers talking to her and walk away saying how beautiful/wonderful her work was...she also happened to be wearing a rather stylish dress ;) I wonder who made that for her!?!

I have to admit that Market Girl fell on my totally 'no $' week so I wasnt able to buy much bar food to bribe the monkeys...but...I did purchase one item that really just jumped out at me...evoking fond memories of child hood and creating...FIMO! Hats off to the lovely Jo from Kit-n-kaboodle who had  a table set up where children could create and take home a little FIMO design to bake and treasure (a big winnner with mine!) and then the love of this fabulous product shone through in her wonderful manner and enthusiasm :) I cannot wait to sit down with them and create a Jingle Bells scene hours of fun and years to treasure their creations for just $25 :)

My daughters favourite stall 'Poppy and Bea' 
A big thank you to the lovely lady at Poppy and Bea...she patiently played fishes with my girls and let my daughter pick up her items in delight...and when I can...I will be going online to buy some gorgeous clips and  hair bands and more very soon! I also loved the way that my youngest interacted with her...showing her all we had bought or had in our pram and the kindness she showed by listening and ooooing and arring in the right spots ;) MAGIC

Other stalls which looked wonderful but I just didnt get to stop and look at were Mary and Ivor, Owl and The ElephantLittle Red Child, Pebble Lane Studio just to name a few...and a big thanks to the lovely Kali at  Zooba...seriously if I didnt have to everything x 3 I would have grabbed one of the funky ride on animals just for your beautiful kindness :)

I hope everyone had as lovely a day as we did :) and that for those who couldn't make it this little post maybe gives you a taste of some of the best in the WEST <3 and dont forget to head to Designer Mumma and Monkeys Over The Moon on Facebook on Weds 23rd November at 5pm WST for our post Market sale !

Tuesday, October 25, 2011



“Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly.”

my friends and family give me wings...from my best  friend with whom I used to listen to Tom Petty and imagine what and where I would those I have now in my life who help me create and those who offer me love and friendship to help me soar <3

Our latest range of Funk Your Monkey designs with the amazingly talented Funkdory are inspired by Wings :) 
A few months ago Jacq and I discussed flying things ;) and then a customer came to me with a suggestion for some angel wings for her son's tshirt...Jacq then transformed my basic sketch into these stunning Wings which we had in turn transformed into a screen ;) now Little Sparks and Little Miss Sparks can have wings ;) and we have a flying pig and can turn your little monkey into an angel with wings on the back of their tees...really the design options are endless ;) 

We would love to hear your ideas too! <3 

In progress...Pigs Do Fly
Funk Your Monkey Little Sparks with Wings

Hand Screen printed onto denim/fabric and appliqued onto back of tee
Angel Wings 

Keep an eye out for all these designs that range from sizes 0-12 and from $25 -$40 at they will be at our SHOP as stock and custom orders over the forthcoming months and at Market Girl at Melville on November 20th at Funkydory's stall :) 

This summer let Monkeys Over The Moon and Funkydory...funk your monkey and give them WINGS <3

Monday, September 19, 2011

All spooked up

As a child my 3 sisters and I  lived in rural England with few immediate neighbours and trick or treating at that time hadnt really crossed the Atlantic...Halloween was about dressing up as witches or cats, heading to friends  in the dark spook evening of All Hallows for parties lit with carved pumpkins to bob apples play murder in the dark or sardines, drink ghoulish drinks, eat worms and fly jelly and party until the bats got up :) My mum and her friends really made All Hallows Eve amazing!

Its very different here (firstly its warm and sunny!) and these days I think...much more commercialised and the heart of it all seems to be the trick or treating or the avoiding it completely ;)

 Last year my husband was home (he rarely is for events) and so we prepared a pumpkin, filled bowls with sweeties for visiting children, and the older children drew designs for tshirts we could make together as apparently the costumes in the shops here just didnt cut it ;)

A Halloween Cat
 Our eldest then 12 drew a cat which she chose a pretty purple to applique it in, the middle 2 chose ghosts and the youngest boy asked for a pumpkin to match the one he helped to carve :) It was all very exciting and the fun and laughter we had that night...though very different from my memories is one I will remember for years to come...this year my husband is away but I am hoping to have a witchy visitor from England to help make a spooky night of it all :) and the children are already planning just what Mummy is going to sew for them ;)

Over the Moon in his Ghostly Tee designed by him!

So I thought...rather than trying to frantically sew a bat or 2 or a ghost or a spider for sale I would make my children theirs and suggest that you do the same...use hands upside down to draw around to make a ghost :) or cover their feet in fabric paint and get them to stand on a tee ;) also two hands touching the base of the palms with thumbs up to make a bat...or free draw or trace from a spooky book...or let them design themselves...its so much fun :)
image from Pinterest

I would love to offer 1 lucky follower a spooky pack containing a sheet of iron on adhesive (and instructions) some white,black, orange fabric, and a plain white or black plain tee so that you too can make your Monkeys spooky and over the Moon this Halloween...simply comment BAT before midnight tomorrow (21st September) and I will randomly pick a winner :) <3

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


those little balls of energy...who never seem to stop, who love worms and all things grubby...or who like things to be just so and clean...there really is no in-between! Their smiles melt you, their tantrums and escapades confound you, they can always out run you but at night when they sleep as angelic as can be and you can shower them with the kisses they wipe off all day...that is when you thank heavens for little boys!

Now...I have been told my boys designs are pretty alright...that I manage to mix funk with cool and make your monkeys over the moon (as well as you too) but...this Upcoming Market Night I really want to make it just right for you ensure there is something for more little boys...

I need you...that's you! to go to our photo albums below and to tell me what designs you think would be cool that your monkey would think would rule and chuck in a size ( and even a colour tee if you like :) and I will be trying to make sure at least some of them appear (as well as a couple of newbies!)


AND HERE TOO: Older Boys Design Ideas

And what do you get as a treat in return I hear you say ;) a Mum of a Boy I know how hard it is to a) find boys clothes you like b) that are what they want to wear too and c) that are good value for money (see our previous post!) so everyone who comments below will get $5 off any boys purchase at Market Night lucky randomly picked commenter will get 50% off any purchase on Market Night :) All comments must be made before 12pm 6th October :)

So if you like...go help me out and I will try my best to make your Monkeys Over The Moon and hopefully you too! (YOU MUST COMMENT BELOW TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE $5 VOUCHER AND 50% OFF GIVEAWAY)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Everlasting Monkeys Over The Moon - Time to Upcycle!

So...I havent blogged for a and work has been crazy here :) but I just have to share something that my friend and I came up with to recycle or even just revamp/add depth to applique tshirts...

So the gorgeous Applique Design Tee you ordered is a favourite and makes your Monkey Over The Moon...he wears it to playgroup, to the library, on the trampoline, in bed infact getting it into the wash is um...impossible...but NOOOOOOOOOO the nasty tomato stain on that white tee background hasn't come out...or worse still the ants have nibbled holes in the shirt (food attached) as it sat on the laundry floor...all that love and $$ spent and the favourite tshirt is RUINED (child has lip touching floor and..mummy pulling hair out)
 ...but WAIT...
How about you simply cut the applique out of the tee and pop onto tshirt, new life and the 24/7 adored design is back in business :)

Draw a shape Square/Circle or freehand style onto some Iron On Adhesive (brands Vliesofix and Applifix are good if you sew or Heat and Bond have a no sew one in Spotlight ;) )

Cut it out and place on the back of your tshirt applique design (making sure that the applique fits in the shape with about 2cms around) Iron On...I find with all of these papers no steam and holding firmly a med/hot iron for about 10 secs longer than they say works best ;)

Cut around the paper you your new applique

Then choose a new tee...vamp it up by popping on a contrasting colour or even stripes...or match with original tee then use contrasting stitching if you are sewing ;)

Position your applique peel off the paper and iron on to the new shirt (again 10 secs longer than they say and press firmly (I suggest through and applique mat or a pillow slip if the applique has buttons or embellishments)

You then can if you are into stitching hand or machine stitch around the applique on the 2cm border...or if you have used the no sew ;) it is done :)

Voila YOU have made your MONKEY OVER THE MOON ;)

This way our designs or anyone's will be even more loved, more value for money and last forever ;) well ;) you know!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The judges choices - winners of the Fridge Art Hunt :)

The 3 gorgeous designs that have been chosen by our 3 judges...Mr Monkey, my eldest monkey (aged 5)and the lovely Jen from Pikelet Workshop are...(in no particular order :) )

#17 by Zoe aged 10
#6 by Oscar at age 4
#16 by Katie age 8

Congratulations you clever little monkeys! You can choose to have your design turned into fabric to be appliqued onto your tee (as a square) or to have it turned into an applique :) I will be contacting you all after the weekend!

Congratulations to all the monkeys who entered you all receive 10% off any order placed or stock bought from Sept -Dec 2011 :) I can always turn your design into a custom design for $35 :)

Announcing the Peoples choice winner of the Fridge Art Hunt

Firstly thank you all for your beautiful creations...each and everyone was stunning and so creative! I simply couldnt choose! and would love to make any of  them into fabric or an applique! <3

So here we go :) the first winner we will announce is the Peoples choice...close to the end :) with a few neck and neck but at 12pm today the winner with 20 likes was Blue Bird by Hope! <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

THANKYOU!!! $35 voucher Giveaway

Just because I want to tell you all how much I love all your support  I am giving one lucky a liker a $35 credit to spend at Monkeys Over The Moon!!!!
Just comment under this post  until midnight WST on Saturday 27th! :) <3 will announce a randomly generated winner on Sunday 28th at 9am WST :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Its time to celebrate!

Just over a week until we announce the 3 winners of the Fridge Art Hunt and the peoples choice...
have you seen our online gallery!
We decided to let people enter right up to the close date 27th August as I know what its like to have an early deadline on something...nothing worse to blunt my creativity! ;) 
So feel free to email us up until midday on the 27th with your monkeys masterpieces :)

Now...we will also to celebrate my monkeys 2nd birthday and 2000 likers on Facebook have an evening of fun and celebrations on the 27th! <3 Due to FB rules most of it will need to be run via here :) and Big Cartel but it will include in no particular order :)
  •  A custom spot for a special Cupcake tee (my daughter is getting one of these too!)

  •  a $1 giveaway...yup just $1 for a hand stitched, hand drawn unique and quality piece of wearable art!

  • a chance to get a $35 voucher for Monkeys Over The Moon to choose a custom from any of our design galleries (except for the Fire Engine ;) ) using any of Fabrics :) or you can leave it up to me!

  •   the release of a couple of new designs ready made on Facebook for purchase.

  •  a mini ballot for a chance to buy our size 0 Tee Pee design ($35) 
Unique and Funky TeePee
Ladies Emerald Green Tee (Australian Grown)

  • the release of one 'Spring Green' custom spot (emerald green tshirt (childrens plain sleeve or ladies fitted tee) you choose fabrics from our spring/summer  gallery and a design) 

  •  oh and the release of a new Funk Your Monkey Design! <3

woahhhhhhh! I better get cracking on my remaining customs so I can get on with preparations! <3
Cant wait to see you all to celebrate on the 27th! at 7.30pm WST :)

Thursday, August 11, 2011

down time

Well you may or may not have realised but I have been having trying to have some down time this past month or so...that is I haven't been taking customs...okay well not many LOL

 Monkeys Over The Moon evolved from a desire to create funky designs for my monkeys and friends monkeys and it was a way for me to channel my creativity and give me something to do on the long evenings whilst away from my nearest and dearest <3

But...for a while there it began to take over real life, I found myself passing up invites to supper,making excuses not to pop round for a chat and filling the precious time I had with family... making beautiful things for other people whilst being stressed,anxious,and missing out on too many smiles, hugs and most of all family fun...

the balance wasn't there and competitiveness in the market, getting involved in others drama's and placing unrealistic expectations on myself were starting to tarnish my happy space and affect my creativity. Luckily I woke up and smelt the Lapsang Souchong (I dont really drink coffee ;)  )

So I have been Mummy and friend and Wife to my nearest and most cherished this past month or so...luckily my friends and family havent left me behind and havent judged me for my absence in their lives...or for my cloistered behaviour at times. Thank Heavens.

Whilst regaining control of all this I have not had a chance to create much other than the wonderful customs I had procrastinated about...oh and a lot of drawing and ideas ;) as I have also been full time monkey wrangling(for those that dont know I have 3 :) age 5, 3 and nearly 2) and just keeping my nose above water whilst Mr Monkey is away ( I have no family here to rely on) :)
Though now the art book is jam packed, the fabric shelves oozing designer,  vintage and rare delights and coveted goodies arriving from all corners of the Earth I am itching to actually create and make some new tshirts...slowly but surely I think will be my motto from now on...maybe my time is not right now when my monkeys and husband deserve and need my full attention...that what I can do right now is enough for now and then as they go to school and need me less I can then spend all my days creating and making :)
On the horizon however are my funky new labels...
We also have been very surprised this past week to have a Review on Shop Contemporary Handmade by Angela from Yes wonderful and well...I will let you read it :)

so for now custom orders at Monkeys Over The Moon are closed. YES really they are :) I will release small stockings from my Box of Delights as I can over the next few months and
 you can in the meantime still SHOP (see button next to this post :) ) and also order custom versions of our Funk Your Monkey  hand screen printed tees...the Robot, Redback, Fish, Gingerbread House and Bird in all colours of the rainbow :) just contact me via our CONTACT tab on Facebook or

On 27th August (littlest monkey's birthday) I will be celebrating with my monkeys (Mr Monkey is away) with a trip to the aquarium, cake and the announcement of the Fridge Art  Hunt Winners <3 Have you seen the wonderful gallery? at

 I will in the evening have a  little celebration with bubbles to toast my monkey and 2000 wonderful likers on Facebook :) There will be a couple of  our new designs up for ballot including my original TeePee design, a $10 Monkeys Over The Moon Voucher up for grabs a $1 giveaway and more! <3  I hope you can all join us :)
and I will try to remember that...

Monday, July 11, 2011


Grace's Reindeer...this will feature in our 2011 Christmas Range
Following some amazing feedback, positive advice and constructive criticism regarding our Fridge Art Hunt we are tweaking it a bit ;) 

its still open for Christmas designs but your Monkeys can be inspired and create whatever they would like to see as a see made into fabric for a tee design...ANYTHING GOES :)


Ask your Monkeys (age 2 -12) to draw something that they would love to have appliqued onto a tshirt or would love to see made into fabric :) get them to think about things they love maybe in a book, from around them or anything really :) 

Please Let them go wild, let the creativity shine through and their design will roar! rules, no colour within these lines, NO STIPULATION ON THEME...though Christmas is still welcomed !
William's entry for our last Fridge Art Hunt

Another stunning design from our last hunt...this would be beautiful fabric

One of the winning designs from last time

Michael Millers Fridge Art Fabric...finding this inspired me as it was nearly identical to a dress I had when 2 ;)
 I met some really cool monkeys of all ages yesterday at market and it was amazing to see and hear their ideas! what they would love to wear...and funnily enough a lot was not what is in the shops for their age or perhaps what we would choose to put them in ;) 

TO ENTER by July 25th at 9am WST Australia with the monkeys name, age and brief description
 ...the designs will then be up in a special Fridge Art Hunt gallery until the 27th August when we will choose 3 designs to appliqué.

The judges will be my eldest monkey and  2 mystery judges from the Handmade Community ;)   In addition a people's choice will be chosen by likes tallied on each photo as to which your favourite is :) (this is the 4th winner!)

The 4 winners will receive a tshirt or singlet appliqued with their design or using fabric made from their design please state which they would prefer when entering...Oh and just a little tip fabric designs will work best with paint, pen or wax/pencil  crayon strokes ;) and I need the quality for fabric design photos to be more than  mobile phone quality ;) 

The winners will be announced in this Blog on August 27th about 5pm WST.

ALL ENTRIES WILL RECEIVE A 10% SMILE YOUR OVER THE MOON voucher to spend at Monkeys Over The Moon  between September 1st to December 5th 2011.

This was made into an applique tshirt
Fabric made from Drawing of Koala and Kangaroo and some kites 
SO SPREAD THE WORD :) we want that wonderful creativity that stems from the little handmade kids to flow and pump life into some designs! 

Aidan proudly wearing his Dragon Design