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Monday, November 21, 2011

"Make Some Monkeys Over The Moon in 2012" Auction for Barnados 29/01/2012

 For some children...Christmas and in fact every day is not a celebration...they cannot smile with that sweet innocence of youth and do not have what so many children take for granted...for these monkeys to be over the and support and more is needed to enable them to have a family that will nurture them and give them the happiness they deserve.

With this in mind and knowing how much love and support my customers and the handmade community give to those in need I have decided to celebrate 2500 likers with a little something that I hope will make  some very special 'Monkeys Over The Moon'

On 29th January we will  run a little mini auction  " Make Some Monkeys Over The Moon in 2012"  Auction where all proceeds raised will go to Barnardo's Australia...

Monkeys Over The Moon will make a selection of very special handmade collaborative designs that will be available for people to bid upon to raise funds for this very worthy cause.
This auction has been approved and authorised by Barnado's Australia to raise funds for their work.

Barnardos is a non-government, non-denominational
welfare organisation that has been helping children in
need for over 120 years.
Barnardos has strong federal and state government
support, however it is also dependent on community
assistance. This allows us to remain an independent
voice and advocate for severely disadvantaged children in
We are one of the largest children’s charities in Australia,
catering to children at risk of abuse and neglect. The
work of Barnardos Australia deals particularly with the
prevention of abuse and entry into care. Children of all
backgrounds and cultural heritage are helped through our
welfare programs.
Through these programs, Barnardos directly assists over8,000 children, young people and their families annually and indirectly assists thousands more." extract courtesy of Barnados website

More info will be available soon but a huge thank you to Georgie Girl,Em&Femme DesignsOopsidaisi Designer Mumma, Perfectly Piper and Indigo Magenta for agreeing to help me create some Handmade goodness to raise monies for Barnados!