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Sunday, January 1, 2012

balance and new year

I have rather neglected my blog of late...I just cant seem to find the words to write or things to say...I think its tied up with my total exhaustion and pretty full on monkey wrangling of late...I kind of took the break here that I probably should have taken sooner with sewing...and am only just getting back to feeling that maybe I have something I could share :) 

oooooo before I forget Happy New Year! 2012 has gotten off to a cracking start for me and the monkeys and I just know after bit more R&R I will be able to create and have even more fun with Monkeys Over The Moon than I did in 2011 :) 

A few things have already changed...balance was something I did not do well in for now family is definitely first, as is spending time doing things for myself...not just time alone but putting back some of the things I love into my life...something fun I am doing for now is the 30day Photo Challenge set by Chantelle at Fat Mum Slim... I am not posting my photos on FB or here but if you follow Instagram you may see me in the #janphotoaday feed :) 
With the support of some amazingly inspirational and wonderful cyber pals I am also kickstarting my lifestyle again :) last year saw me lose 30kg and regain 8kg...I hope to lose that 8 and some enable me to live, laugh and love more happily forever :) (well haha not forever...I do not yet know the location of the fountain of youth ;) ) watch this space :) 

I have taken up reading with a vengeance again...instead of sitting in front of the computer or sewing to all hours in the night I have been reading a few pages of my latest gripping series of novels...A song of Ice and Fire... if you havent yet seen the TV series The Game of Thrones ;) or read the books...I can highly recommend ;) 

I have been quietly  making a few things for the monkeys and even took on a challenge to create something for myself on New Years Day :) a little case to protect my wonderful new toy from Santa :) 

so so far... without setting too many high expectations it has been a bloody great year LOL 

I am sure I will continue this blog...I expect I will write from time to time about what's happening at Monkeys Over The Moon, run a few competitions and updates about whats new and even sometimes share some of me with you...but for now...I wish you all a fantastic beginning of 2012 and all it may bring and  I am off to have a few more cuddles with the monkeys in my life :) 


  1. gorgeous photo, Miss G! I'm doing the same #janphotoaday challenge! {purplecrazymum}

  2. <3 Here's to balance and creating and being around those we love xx Happy New Year to she who makes the Monkeys that jump over the Moon xx

  3. Is the gorgeous case made from some jeans? Looks great! I made a wall pouch from my jeans last week, you can se the finished creation on my blog. Look forward to reading your posts and following your blog this year. I have always loved your creations on facebook :) Tash