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Tuesday, October 25, 2011



“Until you spread your wings, you'll have no idea how far you can fly.”

my friends and family give me wings...from my best  friend with whom I used to listen to Tom Petty and imagine what and where I would those I have now in my life who help me create and those who offer me love and friendship to help me soar <3

Our latest range of Funk Your Monkey designs with the amazingly talented Funkdory are inspired by Wings :) 
A few months ago Jacq and I discussed flying things ;) and then a customer came to me with a suggestion for some angel wings for her son's tshirt...Jacq then transformed my basic sketch into these stunning Wings which we had in turn transformed into a screen ;) now Little Sparks and Little Miss Sparks can have wings ;) and we have a flying pig and can turn your little monkey into an angel with wings on the back of their tees...really the design options are endless ;) 

We would love to hear your ideas too! <3 

In progress...Pigs Do Fly
Funk Your Monkey Little Sparks with Wings

Hand Screen printed onto denim/fabric and appliqued onto back of tee
Angel Wings 

Keep an eye out for all these designs that range from sizes 0-12 and from $25 -$40 at they will be at our SHOP as stock and custom orders over the forthcoming months and at Market Girl at Melville on November 20th at Funkydory's stall :) 

This summer let Monkeys Over The Moon and Funkydory...funk your monkey and give them WINGS <3

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