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Monday, September 19, 2011

All spooked up

As a child my 3 sisters and I  lived in rural England with few immediate neighbours and trick or treating at that time hadnt really crossed the Atlantic...Halloween was about dressing up as witches or cats, heading to friends  in the dark spook evening of All Hallows for parties lit with carved pumpkins to bob apples play murder in the dark or sardines, drink ghoulish drinks, eat worms and fly jelly and party until the bats got up :) My mum and her friends really made All Hallows Eve amazing!

Its very different here (firstly its warm and sunny!) and these days I think...much more commercialised and the heart of it all seems to be the trick or treating or the avoiding it completely ;)

 Last year my husband was home (he rarely is for events) and so we prepared a pumpkin, filled bowls with sweeties for visiting children, and the older children drew designs for tshirts we could make together as apparently the costumes in the shops here just didnt cut it ;)

A Halloween Cat
 Our eldest then 12 drew a cat which she chose a pretty purple to applique it in, the middle 2 chose ghosts and the youngest boy asked for a pumpkin to match the one he helped to carve :) It was all very exciting and the fun and laughter we had that night...though very different from my memories is one I will remember for years to come...this year my husband is away but I am hoping to have a witchy visitor from England to help make a spooky night of it all :) and the children are already planning just what Mummy is going to sew for them ;)

Over the Moon in his Ghostly Tee designed by him!

So I thought...rather than trying to frantically sew a bat or 2 or a ghost or a spider for sale I would make my children theirs and suggest that you do the same...use hands upside down to draw around to make a ghost :) or cover their feet in fabric paint and get them to stand on a tee ;) also two hands touching the base of the palms with thumbs up to make a bat...or free draw or trace from a spooky book...or let them design themselves...its so much fun :)
image from Pinterest

I would love to offer 1 lucky follower a spooky pack containing a sheet of iron on adhesive (and instructions) some white,black, orange fabric, and a plain white or black plain tee so that you too can make your Monkeys spooky and over the Moon this Halloween...simply comment BAT before midnight tomorrow (21st September) and I will randomly pick a winner :) <3