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Monday, September 5, 2011

Everlasting Monkeys Over The Moon - Time to Upcycle!

So...I havent blogged for a and work has been crazy here :) but I just have to share something that my friend and I came up with to recycle or even just revamp/add depth to applique tshirts...

So the gorgeous Applique Design Tee you ordered is a favourite and makes your Monkey Over The Moon...he wears it to playgroup, to the library, on the trampoline, in bed infact getting it into the wash is um...impossible...but NOOOOOOOOOO the nasty tomato stain on that white tee background hasn't come out...or worse still the ants have nibbled holes in the shirt (food attached) as it sat on the laundry floor...all that love and $$ spent and the favourite tshirt is RUINED (child has lip touching floor and..mummy pulling hair out)
 ...but WAIT...
How about you simply cut the applique out of the tee and pop onto tshirt, new life and the 24/7 adored design is back in business :)

Draw a shape Square/Circle or freehand style onto some Iron On Adhesive (brands Vliesofix and Applifix are good if you sew or Heat and Bond have a no sew one in Spotlight ;) )

Cut it out and place on the back of your tshirt applique design (making sure that the applique fits in the shape with about 2cms around) Iron On...I find with all of these papers no steam and holding firmly a med/hot iron for about 10 secs longer than they say works best ;)

Cut around the paper you your new applique

Then choose a new tee...vamp it up by popping on a contrasting colour or even stripes...or match with original tee then use contrasting stitching if you are sewing ;)

Position your applique peel off the paper and iron on to the new shirt (again 10 secs longer than they say and press firmly (I suggest through and applique mat or a pillow slip if the applique has buttons or embellishments)

You then can if you are into stitching hand or machine stitch around the applique on the 2cm border...or if you have used the no sew ;) it is done :)

Voila YOU have made your MONKEY OVER THE MOON ;)

This way our designs or anyone's will be even more loved, more value for money and last forever ;) well ;) you know!

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