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Tuesday, September 13, 2011


those little balls of energy...who never seem to stop, who love worms and all things grubby...or who like things to be just so and clean...there really is no in-between! Their smiles melt you, their tantrums and escapades confound you, they can always out run you but at night when they sleep as angelic as can be and you can shower them with the kisses they wipe off all day...that is when you thank heavens for little boys!

Now...I have been told my boys designs are pretty alright...that I manage to mix funk with cool and make your monkeys over the moon (as well as you too) but...this Upcoming Market Night I really want to make it just right for you ensure there is something for more little boys...

I need you...that's you! to go to our photo albums below and to tell me what designs you think would be cool that your monkey would think would rule and chuck in a size ( and even a colour tee if you like :) and I will be trying to make sure at least some of them appear (as well as a couple of newbies!)


AND HERE TOO: Older Boys Design Ideas

And what do you get as a treat in return I hear you say ;) a Mum of a Boy I know how hard it is to a) find boys clothes you like b) that are what they want to wear too and c) that are good value for money (see our previous post!) so everyone who comments below will get $5 off any boys purchase at Market Night lucky randomly picked commenter will get 50% off any purchase on Market Night :) All comments must be made before 12pm 6th October :)

So if you like...go help me out and I will try my best to make your Monkeys Over The Moon and hopefully you too! (YOU MUST COMMENT BELOW TO BE ELIGIBLE FOR THE $5 VOUCHER AND 50% OFF GIVEAWAY)


  1. Just sat down with my nearly 2 1/2 yr old and he thought that the "Fire Engine"; "Tool Truck"; "Train"; "Rocket"; and "Dragon" (to name a few) were in his words...."COOL MUMMY"! Mummy liked his choices plus "Humpty Waz 'Ere"; the "Thongs" designs and "Headphones On Head"....
    Great work.

    Tonia & Kian

  2. My 3 yr old says his favourite things are: XPT's, 4WDing, camping, canoeing, fishing with Dad and flying his kite. My 1 yr old just likes birds and eating....
    My fav designs are the thongs and the train!
    I love the strong / bold / bright colours.
    A x

  3. "oh, and i LOOOVVVE my scooter and not green ants"

    just added by my 3yr old....

  4. On behalf of Jade Kennett - Riley said - aliens, ghosts, skulls and crossbones, skateboards... Red, Blue or grey size 12 ;p xxxx

  5. On behalf of Julie Young

    As my son is only 11 weeks old, I will choose for him :) I loved the little dog, followed closely by the tractor and the elephant. As he is still in 4x0 clothes, we would like 0's in blue and green,

  6. On behalf of Jodie Moore Not too sure how to post sorry (don't have a profile) so here we go: We loved the crocodile, dinosaurs, monkeys, trains, flying fox (planes)! Great work Georgie, you have so many designs now!! Christopher is in a size 3 but we have heaps of that size so might start building up stocks of size 4. He wears mostly blues, greens, browns and reds.

  7. From KAte McAuley on behalf of Oscar and Cody McAuley age12 (just some of their amazing response!)
    Red back on the Toilet Seat: Oscar - Yes! Cody - depends where I'm going....

    Dragon (which I thought was a bat): Oscar & Cody - definite yes
    Cracking Egg : both saID YES

    Printed Fish (white on grey) : Cody - yes

  8. My little guy is only just turned 1 and therefore doesn't have the verbal skills to tell me what he likes but I am sure all that know him would agree that the monster t shirt was designed specially for him lol Also the shoe train is another must as he has a fetish for them both ... eating the first and 'woo woo'ing the latter. Lastly the Sail Away tee is a classic and would look gorg on any little guy, especially my munchkin.

    Hope this helps

  9. Master Four seems to like any thing beginning with the letter 'F' today so our favourites are the Fire Engine, Fox, Flip Flops and Flying Fox. All are fantastic designs for boys!

  10. we love the robot and train for little boys, and the fish and dinosaur for big boys. great work again, Georgie!