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Monday, July 11, 2011


Grace's Reindeer...this will feature in our 2011 Christmas Range
Following some amazing feedback, positive advice and constructive criticism regarding our Fridge Art Hunt we are tweaking it a bit ;) 

its still open for Christmas designs but your Monkeys can be inspired and create whatever they would like to see as a see made into fabric for a tee design...ANYTHING GOES :)


Ask your Monkeys (age 2 -12) to draw something that they would love to have appliqued onto a tshirt or would love to see made into fabric :) get them to think about things they love maybe in a book, from around them or anything really :) 

Please Let them go wild, let the creativity shine through and their design will roar! rules, no colour within these lines, NO STIPULATION ON THEME...though Christmas is still welcomed !
William's entry for our last Fridge Art Hunt

Another stunning design from our last hunt...this would be beautiful fabric

One of the winning designs from last time

Michael Millers Fridge Art Fabric...finding this inspired me as it was nearly identical to a dress I had when 2 ;)
 I met some really cool monkeys of all ages yesterday at market and it was amazing to see and hear their ideas! what they would love to wear...and funnily enough a lot was not what is in the shops for their age or perhaps what we would choose to put them in ;) 

TO ENTER by July 25th at 9am WST Australia with the monkeys name, age and brief description
 ...the designs will then be up in a special Fridge Art Hunt gallery until the 27th August when we will choose 3 designs to appliqué.

The judges will be my eldest monkey and  2 mystery judges from the Handmade Community ;)   In addition a people's choice will be chosen by likes tallied on each photo as to which your favourite is :) (this is the 4th winner!)

The 4 winners will receive a tshirt or singlet appliqued with their design or using fabric made from their design please state which they would prefer when entering...Oh and just a little tip fabric designs will work best with paint, pen or wax/pencil  crayon strokes ;) and I need the quality for fabric design photos to be more than  mobile phone quality ;) 

The winners will be announced in this Blog on August 27th about 5pm WST.

ALL ENTRIES WILL RECEIVE A 10% SMILE YOUR OVER THE MOON voucher to spend at Monkeys Over The Moon  between September 1st to December 5th 2011.

This was made into an applique tshirt
Fabric made from Drawing of Koala and Kangaroo and some kites 
SO SPREAD THE WORD :) we want that wonderful creativity that stems from the little handmade kids to flow and pump life into some designs! 

Aidan proudly wearing his Dragon Design

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