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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Funky Art, Hand Crafted work and a little bit of a thankyou!

Well tonight has not gone quite to plan...but has made me even more determined :) and made me realise that the most important things in life are actually free and that some people are in your life for a reason and whose love and care is unconditional <3 
Tonight I planned to do a little spotlight on my friend Jacq from without whom my new hand screenprinted range of original artwork designs on tees would just be another mad Monkey idea...

After this evenings adventure in Monkeyland I want to not only do that but also sing and dance about just how wonderful she is...her and another lovely friend Mel from got me through a very interesting stranding with 3 monkeys, with such kindness and love and tolerance of a very hyper middle monkey that words cannot express how thrilled I am to have them in my life...2 beautiful selfless ladies who dropped everything to help me... 

So...what is... 
quite simply...
a range of hand screen printed (no sweatshops, not mass produced, and maybe not perfect ;)) original and funky designs on tshirts that will funk your monkey!

About the Artist and her work...
 Jacq is a local artist who has taken my drawings and some of her own and transformed them into screen prints for those of you who are thinking oh its just a screen print...take a peek at these photos to see the love and care that goes into each one...each screen can hold one design (and as anyone knows this is not um...a cheap investment ;) ) and Jacq lovingly turns an original drawing into a screen

beautiful artwork by Jacq transferred on to a screen
Drawing her Designs
The drawing and finished silk screen

Transferring redback on a toilet seat on to silk screen

the attention detail when creating and masking is full of love

 and then with great attention 'screen prints' them using paints onto the tees...I bake them (yes they get baked in an oven!) and then add a little bit of Monkey Magic with applique or in the case of 'Swish  Fish' we left unappliqued as my design seemed to work best like that ;) 

SO want to see some of the completed/in progress designs?

Redback on the Toilet Seat by Holden McInerney aged 3  (translated by Me and Jacq ;) ) - the design will be a mix of applique and screen print and can even have a little Teddy (as requested by Holden for his) appliqued perching on the toilet ;) 

Robot by Jacq  - will have a bit of stitching between the antennae and still thinking about whether to applique

and of course 'Swish Fish' available in childrens, womens and mens sizes on a variety of Australian Grown 100% cotton and cotton/spandex tees

And BirdCage will be available soon...a range of appliqued birds will be available...

In the pipeline are Road Kill ;) by  G  which will be an applique and print design as will a beautiful Tree and Cuckoo Clock Design by Jacq

As you can see its a huge amount of love that is going into each of these tees, and nope they arent 'perfect' but also there arent 5 million of them being worn and they truly are a bit of wearable funky art that will make your Monkey Over The Moon

Prices start from $30 and will be available to preorder as a custom and in stock via ETSY
and at our virtual SHOP. All items are prepaid via PayPal or by Direct Deposit only as a prepaid arrangement via

<3 Georgie...Chief Monkey at Monkeys Over The Moon


  1. All of this excites me Georgie!!! They all look absolutely stunning!!!
    What I really LOVED abut your post is hearing that you have wonderful friends around you that are supporting you ... you deserve nothing less xxx

  2. They are looking amazing!! I love everything you do but for some reason every time I see or here about this screen print/appliqué venture, I see big things. This is your ticket Georgie, hold it tight and enjoy the ride xx