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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Well the Easter Bunny is most unprepared (though the Easter Tree has been constructed and the lamb has been defrosted ;) )...Easter this year is a bit 'foreign' to me as for the first time ever it is just me and the monkeys...not a bad place to be...but different! ;) Our little trip to Mandurah to see friends had to be cancelled as the littlest monkey is not all too perky, and just about everyone I know is down south, up north or on the other side of the world this weekend LOL

the boots I love but sadly come in mini monkey size ;) 
Not quite so yummy version available for Mummy 
Today to try and cheer myself and the monkeys up we went on my favourite retail binge(other than fabric ;) ) shoe shopping! I favourite type of! as did the littlest monkey (she scored twice) and my eldest monkey scored a pair of boots which I suddenly want to reduce myself to size 12 to fit into...they are amazing! sadly the 'adult' versions were much more dissapointing ;) the middle monkey...a tricky little blighter does not 'do' shoes but not to go without got some 'wellies' :)

A wise lady I know just suggested I do an online personality test and post it on my page so people know 'who they are dealing with' - I have but I wont but here are some words that get thrown around or have been in past 35 years when describing me (as quoted from memory,emails, letters, facebook and texts)...

" loving, grumpy, super mummy, scatty, unpredictable, honest, gullible, strange, open hearted, lazy, petulant,popular, toadish, chatterbox, bright, erratic, beautiful, perfectionist,horrid, non common sensical, trustworthy, confident, loud, different, posh, difficult, obnoxious, hilarious, and wasted "

 All are probably true and false and somewhere inbetween...I am certainly not a baked bean, not a groupie, I wear my heart on my sleeve, tend to lack ability to ssssssh!, my mind is often 20 paces ahead of a conversation,project,day and my mouth is constantly racing to catch up ;) I love my children, I love alot, I feel foreign, but I also feel I belong...I also am most 'honestly' genuine and dont think in a way a lot of people do :) I also cannot cook poached eggs for the life of me ;)

So what has any of this got to do with Monkeys Over The Moon...well nothing and I procrastinated again and played Mummy, and shopaholic, and was a cleaner, a nursemaid, a cook and oh yes I facebooked ;) but...I didnt get any sewing or drawing done ;)

 I suppose what I am trying to that with the best will in the world I dont get to DO alot of the time, I get to THINK and SAY and BELIEVE but DO well that is the tricky YOU order a Monkeys Over The Moon shirt, or are working with me or infact just want to spend time with me...know that I will get things done, and will make sure it is just how you or I imagined but that it may not always be the first thing on my list for the day ;) or even on the list for that day.

Everything I sell or make is made with love, by hand, I am very in love with all I create and take pride in the art that seems to flow from my mind,eyes and fingers...I just havent quite tamed it yet or even got it to behave itself in an orderly manner...but then noone has managed to do that to me yet either ;)

PS I have discovered that like just about everything else in my life I do not do pressure perceived or real well...I either leave till 11th hour or just come up against walls...or in this world I believe the term is my sewjo goes...unlike in the past where this has meant retaking exams or being late for a dance or hiding away with my head in the sand, I have found that simply taking a night or day to rest or to 'create' away from customs is the way to overcome please dont think me rude or peculiar if I post a new design whilst yours is still waiting in fact this is what helps me to make sure yours will be just right and WILL make your Monkey Over The Moon :)
I also believe I and my designs are like English either love us or you hate us...either way is fine with me :)


  1. well, I dont like marmite, but I love you! and I wouldn't want you any other way than honest. I also feel foreign but belong, and can be described by many a words, yours are great! xox

  2. I think you are awesome just the way you are & hope you'll not only always be as you are but also treasured & loved for it.

    And shoot, I've always felt foreign & I was born here. Even my husband says I'm not like other people.

    xox Kate