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Sunday, May 1, 2011

the 7 p's...

What fun I could have with 7 p's :)
popular, practical, perfect, pretty, phenonemal, priceless and precious

and thats just about me...let alone my tees! <3

This last week has been full of P's too...some I cannot mention but most have been POSITIVE...especially the Playdates and Pow Wows my monkeys and I had with some of the most gorgeous WAHM's in Perth this week...firstly with Designer Mumma,  and later in week Little Red Child, Wee Jennie Wren and 76 Tilly Lane. Each one of these Pleasant ladies are all as Passionate as I am about what we all do and their monkeys are just as Playful as mine ;) Much Progress a bit of Procrastination (um that would be me!) and lots of Poetic Chat was had ;) 
Anyway I digress...please be Patient...there is a Point here somewhere!

My background or most recent background prior to baby making and Monkeys Over The Moon was in marketing and a bit of sales ;) for a large regional newspaper, then for a fantastic fine food company that was a standard in the marketplace...inbetween I sent myself back to 'school' and took a Chartered Marketing qualification...which leads me to the rather 'duller' 7 P's :)  In all of these places this was one of the formula's that was always there tucked away and sometimes more obviously strategy developed and then this was applied to the activities of each business and was kind of like I spose an evaluative tool ;) Without boring you too much, yes I see you nodding off pays to revisit the 7 p's to make sure you're on track and achieving the maximum results in the marketplace...or so I was taught ;) 
These being...Product, Pricing, Promotion, Place, Packaging,Positioning and People...

Now if you are one of the above WAHM's or follow me regularly I am NOT a typical evaluative business type...if there is such a thing...but then neither were any of the most succesful entrepreneurs I met...many gave off a very lax, scatty, almost mad appearance yet all managed their businesses successfully and went from strength to strength and although these P's wouldnt have been on any website, or marketing literature...they were certainly always in mind. I am definitely a crazy go by the seat of my pants kind of girl ;) 

POINT this week on a number of occasions in different ways the pricing of my products has been commented upon...not criticised...just remarked tonight I have Pondered and Perused and Plotted and Planned and basically have returned to the same Position...
which is if anything I should charge more! ;) 

No I am not greedy, or out for a quick buck...No I am not deluded as to who or what my customer base/market is...No I do not sell stock as quickly as I would love to but I honestly believe that is to do with needing to address perhaps one of the other P's...I do offer a Pleasant, Polite and Presentable service to my customers and although I have to ask them to be Patient...often...that is more to do with the fact I am actually a mummy too and time management and preparation have never been my um...strong points.

I also am quite adept at financial marketing aspects (when Pushed) and as suspected infact I probably make most designs with little to no margin, even perhaps at times at a loss...and the business would most probably fail an acid test...

BUT that is not why I do Monkeys Over The Moon...
I am not out to be the next fashion hot thing or even a profitable business really (tho that would make my husband smile more!)...I make because I love, because I am inspired and because it makes me happy...please read all prior Blog Posts :)  

So...I am staying put here with my pricing and my positioning in the market ;) it reflects I hope the time I put into each piece, the fabrics I use, the embellishments I source and a bit of the love and care that is sewn in...I know not every liker will buy...but I also know that most of my most trade has become repeat,and although some may think my designs are to 'Pricey', many see them for what they are...which is an alternative to machine stitched applique or screen print, a keepsake even a piece of art that although will probably get mucky, even stained by the monkeys will most definitely be loved and will last and maybe even make more than one monkey over the moon! 

Example of detail

My latest tee - a gift - inspired by some gorgeous stickers from Kimmi Jnr

THE END! falling off my little soap box now ;) 


  1. here here!! the price thing is so tricky ,isnt it.....l have that trouble with the market l do.....people ask how much and when you tell them they put it back down...l could see heaps more if I made things cheaper....but they are already 'cheap' for all the work....make that a bargain !!!!!! great blog georgie xx

  2. Ahhhhh Georgie, you make me smile! :) xx

  3. I tell you what Georgie, I just WISH I had enough time on my hands to go around and tell other WAHM's that their prices are too high. Some people have a lot of nerve and I have decided that it's most probably based in the fact that they have insecurities.

    Your prices are just right and those few people would know that if they took a needle, thread and the materials and tried to create what you do! There is a damn good reason why I don't do it and that is because I am nowhere near patient, perfect or practised enough LOL

    When I see my little munchkin wearing one of your pieces I feel proud and sentimental. xx

  4. I love your Post, and having gone through the same just recently, lets all say Politely Poobumweehead. Because if People really knew how much time we Put into our creations, they wouldnt dare Put out their Preposterous comments... that's my 7 P's for you... xxx