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Monday, May 2, 2011

and now for something less boring instead...

Tomorrow Daddy returns...his son and hare lay grinning in bed tonight when I said one more sleep till Daddy flies in...he looked at me with those eyes  and simply said
"Good. He can fix the TV Mummy." 
Turned over and was asleep

Tomorrow without fail... he will choose to wear (creature of habit ;) ) this tee or his Wallaby Rugby shirt...
to be just like Daddy <3

This design is available throughout winter via our MadeIt store as a custom order...

Totally Dapper! Totally Funky and we hope Original too ;) 

for the pants shown head to
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  1. Awww gorgeous xx Daddy's fix everything... We are counting down too xx

  2. I love it G (the blog and the T). and Holden can come to auntie Ilja anytime hihihi