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Friday, May 13, 2011

Distraction #3,892

Transferred from Facebook now Blogger is all better ;)

 Distraction #3,892
by Monkeys Over The Moon on Friday, May 13, 2011 at 10:11pm

I need to I went to BLOG...but...blogger is currently apologies 
*I am a well brought up english lady I say sorry 300 times a day ;) * to those that dont do blogs, dont follow them, dont read them and who are already probably thinking um...Hide...Delete or even just please ssssssh!

I love reading...but these days I cant very often if at favourite day would be curled up on a rug under a tree with the dappled sunshine hitting my face with my nose well entrenched in a historical novel or racy Jilly Cooper ;) or infact whatever I was into that interruptions, no deadlines, no must do's, nothing...but me and my imagination and perhaps a big box of Maltesers ;)

So now instead of reading I clean (okay I dont), I taxi, I feed, I dress, and do a million other things that perhaps dont quite fit into my image of that perfect day ;) but they keep the mind occupied or certainly the  hands...but sometimes I need to feed my soul...sewing does that...well at least when I am creating and not distracted by FB and um other newly found wonders on the of which and yes I am a latecomer,one of the crowd, who has jumped upon the bandwagon once mainstream...I am infact a follower...

I love to read Blogs...and every now and again now I have my own I ramble aimlessly to the crowd (or haha small gathering) who follow my very own blog too...Blogs are an amazing insight into the world, that perhaps add to perspective and certainly enable me and I am sure others to breathe in experiences, situations, places, creations through the eyes of someone else...they also can be reassuring, warm, exciting, racy!,scary,sad, breathtaking, get the picture or at least you can imagine...they can for me fill the gap practically that has been left when I dont get to sit under that tree ;) plus the monkeys cant lose my page, or rip/cut it or infact flush it down the toilet!

I also love to just incase you are interested...and you are in fact still here and havent walked off to do something less boring instead ;) here is in what seems to be the number of the day six of the best... of my all time favourite blog reads...

  •      Recipe for The Cute...just gorgeous, wonderfulideas, pleasing and very very easy on the eyes oh and yes most definately inspirational...
  •   The fairly new writings from the wonderful Tina who is an inspiration to many other Australian Handmade Community Members and the beautiful face behind Georgie Girl...I love her little Tinaisms, her thoughts and her wonderful outlook on so many things that face me whether as a mother, a woman or as a handmade designer...
  • I am addicted to the shopping pages!
  •    practical and helpful insight into the minefield that is FB marketing and building your own little business ;) 
  •    Angela's posts are just fantastic and useful and so so right and just oh I cant describe...but I get them and it seems when she writes she gets me too...and that works! 
  •  If you havent met Ilja yet or dont know her gorgeous designer label Em & her blog first...and then I defy you not to want to buy anything and everything you can from this infectious, warm, witty and loving Mother of 2 oh and I forgot she is pretty damn amazing at designing clothes too
  • Nicola's designs are pure art...totally and utterly the most wearable art appliquedesigns that I have ever seen...quirky, fun and extremely well made...they are just her through and if you want to see just what Enoch and Plonkness is head on over ;) We are loving her new steps into dress design too! 

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do...and if you do I think I may from time to time share some others (it was hard...really very hard to choose 6 hence there are 7 ;) )...and if you dont well just remember you dont have to like, you can always hide and you certainly dont have to follow ;) 
I found this photo on the www and it made me giggle ;) 


  1. You're a darling and your blog is one of my faves too - of course! So glad you enjoy my little attempts at 'blogging' and I'm very excited to hear I have 'Tinaisms'!!!!!! How cool is that??? xx

  2. Oh my GOD....Miss Georgie you are a bloody star woman...
    I'm speechless after that glowing write up.

    From one English gal to another I thank you XX