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Sunday, May 8, 2011

...just a quickie :)

Colour is one of my things :) something that makes me shiver, smile, dance, cry and feel blooming I was hit by the most amazing display of colour at Rockingham Foreshore, WA.
My dear friend at Funkydory had the show stopper for me :) and she won an award too! with her 'Bloom' a cluster of the most amazing jellies made from upcycled items including milk bottles!

others that really struck me and the monkeys were the primary coloured Free Range Chickens
and this bright blue and turquoise fish...

an hour or so later I was inspired by this flash of colour...

and then by the contrast here...I love silhouettes and have been playing with a few ideas but this just really struck me :)

and as promised here is a peek of a very colourful chap...Chloe Rose's Applique Lion designed by her (aged 4) and appliqued by me in vintage floral fabrics...

Hope you all have a colourful week! <3 Georgie


  1. a visual feast for the eyes! xxx

  2. Oh, we meant to make it to that, and completely forgot!! Looked fun! Love Chloe Rose's Lion! TFS :-}

  3. love the lion.....and all the photos you took today!!!!

  4. <3 Thankyou so much Georgie, you are so very talented. The time and efforts you have put into making Chloe's little lion is so appreciated & will be loved & shared with her family. I am very proud <3 ! Shannon xxx