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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Passing it back to the monkeys :)

I have just finished my 1st fridge art applique...and am very happy with it :) 
Its been a total delight to design something that a monkey has drawn, something they 'want' to wear and will make them over the moon!
 Its why I started doing this ultimately what inspires me the most making something that will make monkeys over the moon <3 ask them what they would like to wear, or to draw for you a design and voila! no more 
battles, no more parents living through their kids...true art in motion!

 And when Mummy sees the joy in a monkeys face :) it surely makes Mummy happy too! 

So next time you go to order something you think is great or you want to pop your little cute monkey in...
take a walk on the wild side or at least with the monkeys...
ask them, get them to tell you what they like, and what they want to wear...
and okay it may not be 'fashionable' or it may clash a bit...but hey if it encourages their free spirit and creativity cant we cop that :)

I appreciate that Mummy's like rockets (boys do too!) and that Mummy's like Babushka's (I do thats for sure ;) ) but to be honest I would rather have more Matilda Rose designs or Grace's reindeer or Chloe's Lion or Aidan's Dragon in my gallery to show than 20 designs that are chosen to suit what we think they should be wearing :) 
So...expect more of these...and I know they wont float all your boats...and I know they arent geometrical and the fabrics in an adults eyes may not be exactly spot on BUT they are made with love and created by monkeys...and you know what they make me totally and utterly over the moon! :)

PS picture will be on FB soon...I just want to show a special little monkey her design first ;)

Watch this space for Chloe Rose's Beautiful Lion applique <3 translated by me...but totally designed by her! 

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