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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A smile a day!

Things that make me smile...

My monkeys...honestly...even after a horrendous witching hour!

Sunshine on my Face

A hug from Mr Monkey

Mojitos and Moules Mariniere (not together mind ;) )

Sunflowers and Daisies

and today coming home to a beautiful review/testimonial of one of our designs! <3

So as hearing how what I have handmade with love has made a Monkey over the Moon and their Mummy too makes me smile I thought I would share a few of the things people have shared recently!

I was the lucky 'winner' of a custom spot for a MOTM 'Neck and Lace' shirt ... and a winner I certainly was! As a mum of two little boys, I don't often get 'WOW'd' by things for little girls but I must say that this piece is just amazing! I don't think the pictures that are posted on the MOTM Fb page do it justice ... there are *lay...ers* of lace, that make the 'FlutterBye' sleeve stand up, it is unique, fantastically made and definately (and what I'm the biggerst fan of!) OOAK ... I am gushing ... but this is just a masterpiece. I have requested that my neice takes *very good care* of this top and I would like it back after she has outgrown it to pass down to another little girl. Georgie, Molly absolutely LOVED her FlutterBye Shirt, she put it on straight away and it looked stunning. Have requested she takes a photo and will post when I get it. Thanks so much Monkeys Over the Moon :) x AV

Ok...I could go on forever about how beautiful my unicorn t-shirt perfect the sewing is...and how delightful Georgie is to deal with. It's all true but what I'm about to tell you just proves how amazing Georgie's work is....

(I'm hoping my husband doesn't see this or I'm in big trouble!!!)

When I showed my husband (big tough mean maori!!) the MOTM unicorn t-shirt I bought for our daughter he had a big, genuine smile on his face. That's right...a unicorn made my husband smile!

Thanks again Georgie! You really are very special! JT

"Thanks so much Georgie! You spent time with me working out exactly what I wanted for my little niece and the shirt you created is GORGEOUS! I love it. She loves it - her mum loves it too! Top work - keep it up and share your stuff with everyone! SD

"Me Again :) - Our Custom made Fire Truck Shirts arrived this week & they are PERFECT!!! I can see how much work you have put into them Georgie & we LOVE them...The Boys have a Birthday Party to go to tomorrow & the shirts would be great for them to wear...but I don't want the shirts to get dirty hahaha. Thank You so so Much. Sally & Hunter & Nash xox

 Just a few little words or a picture really can make all the difference to a day ;) and make this Monkey Over The Moon!  ( so...if you have a MOTM design and I havent sent the heavies round to bash a review or take a photo of your monkey in said design...please feel free to share...) 

I LOVE to read them and to show my monkeys the pictures :) 

Right off to channel this HAPPINESS into more designs to make someones MONKEYS OVER THE MOON 

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