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Friday, March 4, 2011

Okay this week has been a wee bit distracting...hubby flew home, birthday gifts that just have to be played with ;) a sick monkey and the arrival of some bags of loveliness from Em&Femme, Gooseberry Bush Kidz and Matsy Designs...which is naughty I know :)

I had an email this week ...asking why I don't have any stock or custom order spots available to answer :)?

Well...firstly each of my designs is hand stitched and drawn from scratch so takes anything from 1 hour up to 3 hours so I can only really do one a day...add to that Mr Monkey works away, I have 3 monkeys under 5 and I have in naiveté....rather over committed and want to give each piece I have ordered already the time and attention it deserves :) I wont be doing any custom orders until at least April and probably wont have much stock until then either...BUT...I am constantly thinking of the next design, fabric combo and will keep sharing these with you on Facebook.
 And dear liker I hope that the desire for something a bit different and that has been made with a lot of love is enough to keep you interested and that  you will be able to grab a custom spot and see some stock soon you like and your monkey will be over the moon ;) 

Now that is we had some FUN despite my littlest monkey being very unwell as she slept Mr Monkey and I sewed ;)
Yes that's right...Mr Monkey too...he I think was intrigued by my new sewing machine...well it is a machine ;) and actually made a very basic drawstring bag...which I will applique for our daughters spare clothes for school...
lots of giggles and rude words were the language of the day ;)

As for me...I was hit by some fabrics and ideas and just had to share them with you :) about a Babushka (would be OOAK) in these fabrics?

And a girl cheeky monkey in these fabrics?
And oooo I dont know but I have to make something in this fabric very very soon...exactly what hasnt hit me yet :) any suggestions?

I also had some ideas for the boys...I got some skull and crossbone material in a bag of fabric this week and so I thought pirate...but then thought what would my son like...of course...a cheeky monkey pirate :)

A pirate ship too sprung to mind...

So although I couldn't get much sewing done today I have been playing & creating
and whoops what a mess but my favourite sort of mess to make ;)

If you have any amazing ideas for the orange and red funky fabric please feel free to comment ;) thinking I may offer up a custom spot using that fabric :) for April of course ;)


  1. Loving your fabric choices Georgie and that Pirate monkey is so cool..infact i love all your monkey designs :).....Maybe one day I will be able to catch a custom spot....So understand the snowed under feeling....this homemade thing just snowballs...just remember to keep feeling the love
    Elaine xxxx

  2. LOVE reading your posts.... you, and a friend of mine, make me want to blog too !
    LOVE the new monkey designs........ just need a boy ;0)
    Keep up the good work, you're doing an amazing job ;0)

  3. Great work Georgie! LOVE your mess! Jen x

  4. Great blog Georgie! Loving all your new fabrics ;-)
    What about a hummingbird fluttering over a flower? For that gorgeous fabric. :-)

  5. For some reason I'm seeing a big wobbly octopus out of that divine fabric Georgie!
    Love your blog x

  6. I think that fabric is a little psychedelic and needs to take us back to the 70's!!! The first thing that came to mind was a peace sign (the hand type) or a pair of flares ;) Then I thought maybe some really groovy glasses???

  7. ooooo Loving the Ideas ladies! ;) A hummingbird, a Octopus and some psychadelic glasses ;) I watched Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds video after seeing your comment Amanda and was thinking my horse/unicorn in this with a girl on its back haha...praps a bit complicated but a psychedelic unicorn! :)

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  9. Tansy stop removing your posts! :) yes great idea...I have a postcard of one somewhere...I have some other fabrics too that may be good! :) will sketch one for you ;)