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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Great Fridge Art Hunt winners! :)

and...the 2 winners (it was just too hard to pick one...even two was impossible) are

#2 by Aidan 

#19 by Chloe Rose

Congratulations! and thank you all sooooooo much for sharing your artwork with us...truly inspirational! 

Now we all know how gorgeous all this fridge art was and how all the little monkeys would love to have their design made into
how does this would you like the opportunity to have your childs design turned into fabric and made into a dress, owl or bag for ever immortalised ;) 

Where? Designer Mumma of course...she came up with an amazing idea when she saw our Fridge Art Hunt and I think it really rocks!

This will be launched very very soon and if you head to her Facebook page  and say hi! I am sure she can tell you more...

and of course you all will get a $5 MOTM voucher to be used against any MadeIt or Custom Order in 2011 :) I will forward these via Email this week ;) 

Thank you again for giving me this wonderful opportunity to work with your children's designs...and for the beauty and creativity that has adorned our page this last few weeks! 


  1. Good choices Georgie!!! I love the Lion and can't wait to see it made ;)

  2. Naww go Chloe! She is such a talented little artist! :)

  3. Oh a love these two!!! They are just gorgeous. And I totally agree Sabrina. I just love all of Chloe's artwork. How cute are these two going to look on a tee