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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy Days, Sunflowers and Monkeys :)

Today was not a good day...
well okay I know it could have been worse
 but for me and my monkeys it was just one of 'those' days in a run of a quite a few exacerbated by Daddy leaving for 2 weeks, mountains of laundry and numerous other little dramas and incidents...but by around 2.30pm things seemed brighter and more cheery playing with bubbles in the sun and when a lovely girlfriend pulled up on her way to school with these gorgeous sunflowers...I have to admit the sun shone much brighter in my soul...

A bunch of sunshine from a friend
My monkeys are my muses I love them more than words as most mothers do but the last few weeks and especially days have been um interesting to say the least with my middle monkey ;) He has just hit 3, he lost his Dummy to Santa at Xmas and decided day naps were thing of the past, lost his sister to school and despite my best efforts to entertain and amuse him, overnight turned into a little monster...(inspiring another tee ;) )

Don't get me wrong he is the most adorable, beautiful sweet natured boy  a lot of the time, but he then Jekyll and Hydes morphs into this crazed destructive, mischevious, temper tantrum throwing hurricane of a child that continuously raids the fridge and cupboard, pinches and karate chops his never suspecting sisters whilst yelling poo poo bottom at the top of his voice...I literally cannot leave him unattended for a second...he is what they call a handful ;)

yet when he looks at me and says I love you Mummy all is forgotten and of course forgiven...well until 2 seconds later when he is covered in peanut butter from head to toe smearing his sister with it saying Freya did it Mummy!

 I have to say tho at least he is consistent and is just as much a rotter when out and about...the other day at the bank whilst looking adorable a nice lady bent down to say my what a nice young which he blew a raspberry and said pop off stinky poo I waited for the ground to open up and swallow me up... she did say quite kindly to me its okay I had 2 sons and have 4 grandsons...and gave me a knowing smile and a wink... as she said welcome to the world of boys!

So I have for a couple of days thrown in the towel of sorts...these days will be spent trying to spend some positive time with my monkeys rather than asking them to play nicely whilst I sew or willing their naptime/bedtime so I can finish an order... we will be flying around the house in our imaginary planes, playing ring a ring a rosies and sitting in our yard slurping hot chocolates in 34 degree sun...
because without these monkeys...there would be no moon, no stars and certainly no t-shirts ;) 


  1. Enjoy every one of those hot chocolates and every note of ring a ring a rosie with your darlings. After all, Mummy first, businesswoman second. You are not alone Georgie - I often think of all the FBK Mummy friends when my monkey is really playing up. x

  2. I know the feeling ;) I think that since all of our customers are mumma's or grandmumma's or have some kid-relationship, they understand;) 3 kids and husband away, is really hard, on them and you. I am doing this so I can be with my kids, if we don't take time to smell the sunflowers what is the point?

  3. Oh Georgie, you are amazing! You are doing such an amazing job looking after 3 kids with a husband away and a successful business too! Throw in the dramas of day to day life, sickness and tantrums and I don't know how you do it! But if it makes you feel any better, my eldest monkey is... "one of THOSE boys..." gorgeousness one second, screaming, throwing, wrestling and kicking his sister the next! Arg - it's like they are from another planet! Or maybe the moon? ;-)

  4. ooh georgie, we all know how that feels, I cetainly do! I've had a rather interesting afternoon with my 2.... my eldest is 6 and still says poo head, and what is worse, I do too when they get to me.
    We love your T's, but you love your monkeys more, and thats the way it should be. And the happier the monkeys are, the more we get to see T's. So everyone wins in the end! xoxo