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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What to do what to do?

Today I have lots on my mind...had to do a big dash to Spotlight as ran out of 2 fabrics last night ;) whoops so not quite the night I had planned (monkeys also were very restless)...but it did give me a chance to be a bit creative and also to have a think...I am looking at offering custom spots on a bi monthly basis just a handful...but...was thinking I could have an open suggestion thread for designs, sizes, colours and then when I am doing stock or being creative it would be more likely I would make what you may like too ;) What do you all think?

I just cant keep up with 8 or so customs a month and I am rubbish at saying no too :) plus I am working on a few stockist orders and need to keep creating and pumping in the fun side....and am trying to figure out a balance that works...I get about 5 emails a week asking for custom spots and as much as I would love to say Yes...I am not an octopus (tho I am working on it)! :) I have had to turn away 2 wonderful opportunities this week as I have a backlog of orders and although I referred the enquirers to other lovely Perth Applique designers...I am kind of quite sad that I have to do that :) 

I find it hard to work to deadlines at the best of times, and my creative flow definately suffers, although I do try to remain focussed I find when I am constrained I am more likely to have naughty little creative outbursts ;) which is good for me but not so good for those waiting on orders :) I am currently working on 7 custom orders (from Feb/Mar) and a couple of business orders as well as still trying to complete some of the donated items for the flood and fire auctions. April already is pretty packed with a couple of longstanding custom orders from very patient customers and the Fridge Art work...

Anyway if you all think it is a good idea I will restart the suggestions topic with the idea that you either suggest a design we have and a size/colour tee or a design you would like to see...although no promises ;) I will keep this in mind when making stock :) I do have some stock available and hope to have some other stockists too (maybe even a bricks and mortar one :) ) Markets are a plan for 2012 but will never be a huge priority as I have a fairly hectic Monkey Madhouse :) 

Look forward to hearing what you all think! :) 

In the meantime I have an album of pre cut designs and I am happy to make 2 of these up in April (no fabric changes/design change) :) they wont be ready until the end of April...but if you would like one keep an eye out and I will shortly announce the album open to comment SOLD :) 

Also I highly recommend if you are wanting some funky and unique applique from a Perth designer you head to Little Red Child, Inuk, Wee Jennie Wren or NuNu Baby who all do lovely work and whom may be able to create something for you this month ;) All can be found on Facebook :) 

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  1. Sounds great do what is best for you and your family. Your work will always be in demand as it's just so special and if you have to turn a few customers away now I'm sure they'll be back in the future. Thanks for the mention and hope to meet you soon! Jen X