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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cheeky Monkey

You may have guessed I love Cheeky Monkeys :)
Monkeys make me  laugh and you gotta love that :)
in fact I was named after a Monkey :)
or maybe he was named after me ;)
 so curiously Georgie is asking...

 What fabrics ie denim,cotton, corduroury, etc would you like to see this cheeky monkey design made in ?

And there is something in it for you too!

Comment below (once only :) )
and someone will be randomly picked and
will receive a CHEEKY MONKEY design
on a short or long sleeved shirt  for the end of Feb :)

I will pick the lucky monkey tomorrow at 5pm West Australian Time :)
A little miss Cheeky Monkey! 
And one of the little Boy cheeky Monkeys :) 


  1. Hmmmm....I am always a bit of a fan of has a tactile quality to it. Love your work Georgina!

  2. i love the denim!!!
    buy also love plain colourful cotton

  3. I love the denim Georgie! There's something rascally about worn looking denim, perfect for a cheeky monkey :) I think corduroy for hair and ear fuzz would look extra spunky xx

  4. the denim looks great, but I'd love to see him in corduroy too!!

  5. I like cotton, I love your work! Such beautiful designs!

  6. Oh Georgie, I've got a thing for denim at the moment!! I love the MOTM cheeky monkey :)

  7. BTW the above comment is from me... Tina x (GG)

  8. I'm a denim tradgic from WAY back LOL, I love them they look so happy!!

    What about chenille for the ears n hair, bit of texture and depth :)

    xx Emma

  9. congratulations to...Cate!!! There were 7 comments (tina commented twice ;) )number 4 was the random number generated by :) Cate I can do this end of Feb for you we will chat as to what you would like okay :)