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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The great Fridge Art hunt...calling all mini monkeys over the moon!

Nuts and Bolts...

Email a copy of your monkeys picture/drawing with 25 words or less saying what it is :) and who by etc :)
We will upload to our gallery...where everyone can oooooo and aaaaaaaah! over the talented little Monkeys Over The Moon designers we have out there :)
We will have a likers choice and a Monkeys Over The Moon choice winner to be fair :)
and these will be tallied and chosen after March 15th 2011...
My favourite fabric in my stash at the mo! :) someone had a similar idea and made the most scrumptious fabric <3
So...get have a chat to your monkey...ask them what they would like to wear :) get them to draw, paint, smudge, colour and create a picture and send to :)

All entrants must be between 2-10 and no Mummy art work please ;) (if you have a future Klee in the making and they are younger than 2 and the picture is able to be translated into applique please send too ;) )

Please not that there will be no royalties paid for the designs (eeeeeek does that contravene child labour laws ;))  and this design will only be used for the winners as a OOAK ;)


  1. My Gracie Girl has been planning out her design all afternoon, and is trying to get inspired about dragons lol. She even wanted to look at fabric, to see what she would use, and how it could be done.......I think she may have found her passion ;)
    Thanks for inspiring. Your blog has given me an idea for Designer Mumma..Thank you xxx

  2. Oh Amanda that is such a lovely thing to share...thank you! I cannot wait to see Gracie Girl's artwork :)

  3. She changed her idea, it is now a reindeer lol. Big change.