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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


so...its the middle of the night...I have had to hang up my needle for the night and should be resting my sleepy head...but instead...have decided is time to jump on the band wagon! what to write...well...for anyone who knows Georgie (that's me)  I have always sketched, doodled,drawn and been fairly 'artistic' of my all time favourite photos which inspired one of my favourite drawings I ever did at school  is to love that kind of crazy  and colourful happy :)

I love colour, I love texture and I love fabric...and I love 3 little monkeys who to be honest...*note Mother Love comment approaching*  are so full of character they would inspire anyone! :)
My Monkeys and I 

They are my biggest fans and my best critics too! :)

Sorry...*I am English...I say Sorry alot ;) * about the waffle that is about to follow... (another thing I excel in...partly genetic, partly due to a FIFO husband and lots of home alone nights...but mainly due to being Georgie) but I feel to start I need to start at the beginning...or at least the beginning of Monkeys Over The Moon :)

So in the depths of 2010...which to be honest was a bit of an 'annus horriblus'...I decided to get a grip of a lost 'Georgie' and look to how I could happily fill my spare hours in the evening that had been a bit mispent on what I shall politely call the ' trials of baby olympics' and 'the dramas of bored housewives'. I had somehow along the way in between babies, learning to live apart from my husband 80% of the time and trying to fit in to a new and somewhat foreign culture...lost the to speak :)

Here I steal some poignant words from Tina Turner who sums it up perfectly...Sometimes you've got to let everything go - purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything . . . whatever is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you'll find that when you're free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.

 I took a long hard look at myself what & who made me and the monkeys smile, what we enjoyed and took the plunge and whilst doing this  I made a few little applique designs for my monkeys and for friends monkeys too. Whilst playing and giving :)  I was inspired by a dear girlfriend Julie from Isla's Cottage and the wonderful Tina from Georgie Girl...whom made me think that perhaps my  little designs and my love for fabric matching would be something others would enjoy too :)

One of my first designs for Fin

So... after a few months of testing the waters with my friends and on my profile October 2010 I nervously put a few pictures up publicly on FB  and asked for a few people to test some tshirts/singlets Nervously I waited for feedback, self doubt was at an all time high at this point...would what my monkeys and I thought was fun or even funky be well received and even marketable? Apparently so...and there so to speak "Monkeys Over The Moon" was born :)

4 months later and I hardly have a chance to put the needle down (inbetween monkey wrangling and domestic goddess duties) and am loving it more and more each day :) Who knows what 2011 will bring me or Monkeys Over The Moon...but then isn't that half the adventure?

My biggest thanks right now though goes to all of my family,lovely friends and fans and wonderful customers who have supported, encouraged and...inspired keep drawing and is seeing their enthusiasm, likes and their Monkeys Over The Moon (as well as my own) that makes me wake up each morning and think oooooooooooo and grab some fabric or a pencil and start to create :)

So hello...and Monkeys Over The me...Georgie...the girl in the little red shoes...who doesn't often stop talking...and who still believes that if you can at least make one person smile a day whether it be with a hug, a kiss, a funny word or 400! or simply just a tshirt ;) that the world (or at least mine ;) )  is a little bit closer to being a happier place :)

Aleisha age 17 months in her Flower Fairy Butterfly Design

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