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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes... here it eldest monkey came home from PrePrimary yesterday hugging a picture and took great joy showing it to me...she then lowered her head looked up at me and very coyly said..."Mummy do you think we could make a tshirt of a koala with a kite like my drawing?"...
"Sure thing" I said...
Then today at swimming almost busting with pride she told her swimming teacher as we walked into the pools that she and I were going to make a tshirt together from her drawing...which got me thinking ;)

Its not the first time she has asked to help me with far east dolly was inspired by her, she drew a cat for her cousin in England which we transformed into an applique (shamefully not sewn yet by Mummy!)
and in fact she is quite often looking through the glass at fabrics saying can I use this for that and that for this ;)
On the weekend my 13 year old stepdaughter proudly showed me some sketches she had done from photos/images she had found and her imagination and she too got very excited when I said next time lets make these into applique...and you can sew (groom, groom) them onto a tshirt if you like...another face lit up!

So as I drove in possibly the most humid Perth day ever the creative juices went into full speed...

And this is what I thought...How's about I invite your monkeys to draw some pictures/designs and ask you to share them with us in some sort of gallery...from this a lucky design and monkey would be chosen to have their creation translated into applique...and popped onto a shirt for them as a prize :)

So...what do you think...genius? or totally heat induced bonkers?


  1. <3 it though the challenge is.... can you design something out of Eva's 2 and a half year old's scrawl ! ;0)

  2. haha :) I did think maybe I should I make a lower age limit after holden drew me a dinosaur today that can best be described as pen making contact with paper and making very abstract marks ;)
    Nah...I think send em in...just write what your little darlings say they are so I dont mistake a goose for a donkey ;)

  3. LOL sounds like a great idea! And do we all get to vote on the one we like best? Can't wait to see all the kiddies' designs!
    Doubt you'll get an entry from us though as we are still at the scrawl stage too ;-)

  4. I think it's fabulous!! There would be a very excited little creative munchkin out there somewhere :)